Public Sector

Enabling you to meet the most stringent public sector standards

Increase your operational efficiency by partnering with a proven AV and UCC technology advisor backed by decades of experience in designing, engineering, integrating, supporting and managing highly secure environments for public sector organisations.

We understand that security is one of the biggest drivers behind succeeding in this sector. Your organisation needs robust and secure means of communication and collaboration to respond to any challenges swiftly and effectively. Our specialist teams can help you deliver a wide variety of complex AV solutions for government, judicial and other public sector departments, while always adhering to strict processes and protocols.

The most common challenges facing public sector organisations

Strict levels of process and security

Ensure transparency, traceability and accountability across your operations with intelligent systems mapped directly into your workflows. Meet high standards and thrive in a process-driven culture with secure video-conferencing tools. We offer a customisable set of building blocks and fully support you at every step of implementation and beyond. 

High operating costs impacting efficiency

Manage spiralling operating costs by introducing your organisation to streamlined workflows and centralised collaboration solutions. We have the experience and expertise needed to help you deliver workflows that reduce expenditure, increase efficiency and maximise return on your investment across your operations.

Disparate networks causing confusion

Move crucial operations such as crisis response centres or major incident management to a central cloud platform. Avoid disparate, siloed conversations and allow joined-up working by effortlessly bringing external experts into the decision-making process.

Competing with the private sector for the best talent

Get a head start in winning the war for talent against leading private sector industries using progressive and impactful working strategies. With the support of Kinly experts and our technology solutions, we allow you to adopt concepts such as regional hubs and remote working to attract, retain and develop the best public sector talent.

Mounting pressures slowing progress for government departments

Our hybrid audio-visual and virtual video solutions, including virtual courts technology, helps you combat the pressures facing your teams, from high operating costs and backlogs through to accessibility and bottlenecks. Implement intelligent workflows to centralise and simplify your operations and eliminate inefficiencies in departments including criminal justice, health and more.

What are the benefits?

Better workflows

Prioritise process and map workflows to the appropriate technologies.

Reduce backlogs

Clear build-ups with robust and resilient collaboration solutions.

Compete for talent

Implement progressive strategies to stand out from private sector rivals.


Kinly has the certifications and security clearances required to provide solutions to the highest levels of government.


Create an immersive working environment to enrich employee experiences.

Optimise costs

Streamline systems and eradicate bottlenecks to boost cost efficiency across departments.

Our solutions

Available as a holistic suite, a mix and match or a standalone offering, choose from the following services to enhance your public sector operations.

Our approach

Our professional AV services team will be by your side, every step of the way, from system design through to installation and lifecycle support. We take a consultative approach to solution specification based on a 360-degree, five-point framework that encompasses all your AV needs, requirements and ambitions.


From your very first meeting with us, we will act as your trusted consultant, identifying your challenges and how to solve them, as well as your goals and how to achieve them. 

Solution Design

Using intelligence gathered at the consultancy phase, our design team will develop a solution that meets your physical, technical and support requirements.

Build & Integrate

Collaboration and consistency are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to delivering your AV project on time, fully documented and within in budget.

Support & Manage

As a Kinly customer, our support for you and your global enterprise solution stretches well beyond the installation phase. The level of support is completely up to you, with services including Helpdesk Support, Maintenance, Remote- and on-site managed services.

Track & improve

We ensure your people are equipped through hybrid or on-site training, resources and tools, that teach your people how to use the technology at their disposal effectively to secure a positive return on your investment. 
Why Kinly?

Our specialists

Owing to the bespoke nature of complex AV engagement, a high level of workmanship combined with bespoke engineering is needed to guarantee effective solutions. We remove complexity, overcome your challenges and allow you to thrive in the rapidly changing AV environment using a carefully crafted blend of the latest technology and tried and tested methods built up since 1998. 

Our credentials

Since 1998 we have established a reputation as a trusted technology advisor and are certified by leading accredited bodies.

Our technology partners

We partner with the world’s most exciting manufacturers and innovative technology providers. From big to small, we know them all. These relationships have been established and nurtured over 25-years to provide our customers with unlimited access to the best range of solutions available on the market.

Our insights

Discover the latest news, views and industry takes from within our organisation and our specialist global teams.

Trusted Connections 2024

Based on insights from 425 AV professionals in enterprise-level companies across the UK, Germany, Netherlands, and the Nordics, our Trusted Connections research is back, and better than ever!

Discover the latest tech priorities of these businesses, how they are managing their budgets in uncertain times, and the impact of AV technology on their overall success.

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