Keeping The Corporate World Collaborating

The corporate world has always been geographically diverse. Corporate headquarters, regional offices or branch offices have had to collaborate for years. Kinly understands how the corporate world works and can help it evolve and respond to evolving working patterns.

Our Approach

Kinly is one of the largest meeting room and collaboration specialists in the world, with corporate clients across the globe. We understand how you work, how you collaborate and how your working practices continue to evolve.

The portfolio of services that Kinly offers, including its room configuration tools, its smart monitoring solution and its vendor partners have all been developed and selected with the corporate world in mind.

As the traditional world of AV moves further into the responsibility of IT the skill sets of Kinly help smooth that transition. Understanding the impact on a corporate infrastructure of a new estate of meeting rooms and its external bandwidth needs are key for operational planning and network provisioning.

With ever-changing working patterns there is an opportunity for increased productivity and costs savings. We provide the necessary skills to realize these benefits and help corporates stay agile to changing demands.

Size, Scale and Skills

With a global footprint, we have the breadth and depth to support corporate enterprises with a portfolio of feature-rich and proven services.

Understanding the evolution

With the further integration of meeting rooms into the responsibility of a corporate IT team, we have the experience to advise on how to manage this evolution without negatively affecting user experience or compromising an IT infrastructure.

Remaining Agile

All of our solutions have been designed with agility in mind, as working practices change, so the Kinly solution will adapt, helping you maintain your business edge.

The Hybrid workforce

The Hybrid workforce

Work has changed. It may seem like it happened overnight, but this digital revolution—this change to when, where, and how we do our jobs—has been happening in the background for the last ten years. Read about how to enable a distributed workforce in our e-guide.

Built for the corporate world

We have the skills, the scale, and the agility to respond to the technical and operational needs of the corporate world. Enabling businesses to swiftly adapt to new working practices and generating true business benefit from their investment in meeting rooms and collaboration solutions.

Bringing people and technology together for better productivity wherever the work happens – because great things happen when people work together.


Dedicated expertise in planning, supplying, integrating and managing AV systems integration and remote collaboration services.


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