Let technology ease the pressure

Let technology ease the pressure

Across the globe, we regularly hear about mounting pressures on judicial systems. High operating costs, a backlog of cases, accessibility issues and bottlenecks all add up to create real problems for the industry. At Kinly, we believe technology is the solution.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Automating real life judicial processes presents an opportunity to solve many of the issues the industry is facing, while maintaining high standards of security and privacy. We pride ourselves on a secure and reliable service, fit for even the most sensitive uses.

To ensure our video conferencing tools are secure, we offer an adaptable set of building blocks, all of which are supported by the Kinly Cloud platform and Kinly Monitoring tools. Plus, our solutions are delivered as a fully supported service. That means we’re with you every step of the process. From assessing your needs to installing hardware, all the way through to supporting organizational adoption, Kinly enables fully digitized workflows that work for you, and that you can rely on day after day.

Increased efficiency

A video solution means you can schedule more hearings per day, reduce transport costs and so avoid the inevitable delays which come with a more traditional approach.

Automated workflow

Make the whole process that bit simpler with automated workflows allowing you to change rooms, transfer participants and take breaks with the push of a button.


As a full-service video solutions provider with extensive knowledge in the judicial sector, we know the value of security and guarantee it with a fully secure cloud solution.

Flexible solutions

With Kinly, you can build a solution to suit your specific needs. Customize our tools to suit the type of court, the likely number of participants, existing technology and more.


As a leading AV and UC integrator for government solutions we can integrate with audio-visual hardware, solve interoperability, provide monitoring, reporting & analytics as well as customer success training.


We understand just how importance privacy is to our clients which is why we can hide participant rosters, change display naming, enable screen-share permissions, obscure PSTN phone numbers and provide private call permissions.

Kinly Virtual Courts Brochure

Kinly Virtual Courts Brochure

Kinly is well-positioned to help the judicial world digitize their workflows, such as court hearings, in an efficient and secure way. Download our brochure to find out more about Kinly Virtual Courts.

Let’s get started

Our expertise is in technology. Our passion is creating effective solutions. Together, that means you can trust us to provide the best technical solution to meet your specific needs, with support for existing services, smart monitoring services and guidance on adoption to ensure security, efficiency and reliability.

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