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Governments deal with some of the most challenging and sensitive material on behalf of their citizens. They need swift, secure and robust methods of communication and collaboration to ensure that any situation can be effectively responded to. Kinly understands how governments work and how to effectively support them.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Much of Government business is process-driven. It has to be to ensure transparency, traceability and accountability. These workflows are well known to Kinly, we take the approach of intelligently mapping technology solutions into your workflows as opposed to creating new workflows around the limitations of technology.

This means that proven Government operations such as crisis response centres or major incident management can move to a collaboration platform, with no process rework. With this in place additional intergovernmental departments or external experts can be effortlessly brought into the decision-making process.

With many Government departments facing challenging backlogs, be that in criminal justice or health, the adoption of modern-day collaboration platforms, implemented by Kinly, can have a positive impact on their reduction.

Government, in all its forms, is a major employer and they know that they are competing for talent with the leading private sector industries. With our support Government departments are starting to adopt concepts such as regional hubs and extensive remote working, using this progressive collaboration strategy to attract and retain key talent.

Workflow Understanding

Kinly has a deep understanding of the process-driven workflows within Government and maps them to appropriate technology solutions.

Reduction of backlogs

With robust and resilient collaboration solutions in place, we can help you reduce your current backlog

Competing for talent

With a progressive collaboration strategy in place, we help you compete for key talent.

Security cleared

Kinly has the necessary certifications and security clearances to provide solutions to the highest levels of Government

Kinly Virtual Courts Brochure

Kinly Virtual Courts Brochure

Kinly is well-positioned to help the judicial world digitize their workflows, such as court hearings, in an efficient and secure way. Download our brochure to find out more about Kinly Virtual Courts.

Kinly Cloud

Trusted and dependable in all situations

We have a proven track record within Government, understanding how they operate and what challenges they face. This deep understanding makes us both a trusted and dependable supplier of strategic collaboration solutions.

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