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Barco ClickShare

ClickShare offers enterprise-level wireless collaboration solutions for creative content-sharing in meeting rooms of all sizes.

ClickShare wireless presentation systems from huddle spaces to the boardroom

With ClickShare you can easily share what’s on your laptop or mobile device, onto a presentation screen, transforming a meeting into a complete sharing experience with a single click. No cables, no set-up, no waiting to join in.

Anyone – including guests – can connect with one click and share their content quickly. Meetings start and end on time!

The ClickShare Family

Clickshare CS-100

The CS-100 brings the ClickShare experience to small meeting and huddle rooms where sharing content from a laptop or mobile device is a basic need. The CS-100 is a stand-alone model with an HDMI output, that allows up to 8 users to connect and, with one user sharing at a time.

Clickshare CS-200+

The CSE-200+ offers interactive collaborative experiences for medium-sized meeting rooms. It allows up to 2 persons to share content simultaneously. Designed for enterprise rollouts, the CSE-200+ encourages more collaborative meetings in your enterprise.

Clickshare CS-800

The CSE-800 is designed for boardrooms, high-end meeting rooms, and conference rooms. Introducing a number of unique features, including simultaneous sharing of up to 8 people, blackboarding & annotation the CSE-800 is the most powerful system in the ClickShare family today.

Designed with enterprise security requirements in mind

Barco ClickShare products are designed with security in mind. Both in hardware, software and even on a process level. ClickShare never bridges networks. IT managers can choose and manage the appropriate security level for the company through a web interface: from unauthenticated access to levels requiring different degrees of authentication.

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