Lifecycle Services

Staying one step ahead

Staying one step ahead

The world of work is changing rapidly, and with it the technology that we use. Tools that were once used by a select few, or merely a means to impress visitors, are now a necessity for efficient day-to-day collaboration. With Kinly’s lifecycle support, we’ll help you evolve with the technology, ensuring your people can work together, from anywhere, for as long as you need.

Our approach

Our approach

Powered by information and innovation, our lifecycle offering extends a higher level of service, harnessing true collaboration and technology intelligence to ensure successful operations. We do this by helping you learn and benefit from the large quantities of data generated in your modern meeting and collaboration estates.

Our lifecycle services don’t apply to just one product or solution. We’re with you on every step of the journey towards a truly collaborative future, so we’ll consider the long-term in every decision. We’ll consider the lifetime of individual products, the adoption of your tools and even the cost of keeping tech up to date and in good working order. We’ll be here to provide advice for as long as you’re a Kinly customer.

Maximise your budget

Our experts are on hand to provide insight into which tech is working for your business, which isn’t quite hitting the mark and when it’s time to replace or renew. With this expert advice, you’ll be able to save capital and ensure your investment is really getting results.

Powered by data

With the help of Kinly’s monitoring software, we can harness useful operational data, analysing utilisation, uptime, usage trends and more. This incredibly useful information allows us to adapt and grow your contract in line with your business’ true needs.

One-to-one support

Having one point of contact simplifies the process and saves you valuable time. Your customer success manager will be your go-to for questions and updates – they’re here to ensure your success, forming a true partnership focused on building a better future for your business.

Sustainable solution

Should your hardware need to be updated or removed at the end of the contract, we’ll take it away and recycle it. That means you never have to worry about the green credentials of your tech or the infrastructure you’d need to remove assets yourself.

Lifecycle Services

Lifecycle Services

The world of work is changing rapidly. Everyone now wants the flexibility to work wherever it suits them and video collaboration is the answer. We’re here to help ensure you can offer the very best hybrid working experience for everyone across your business.

Get in touch

We work better when we work together. At Kinly, we don’t just apply that concept to our solutions, but to our relationship with you. Wherever you’re headed, we hope to be part of your journey towards smarter working. Get in touch to kickstart our exciting journey together.

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