Blue Foundry Bank

At Blue Foundry Bank, we think of the technology solutions not only for today, but also for tomorrow's growth. With Crestron, we were able to future proof our business.
James D. Nesci, President and CEO, Blue Foundry Bank

Blue Foundry Bank has provided comprehensive financial products and services to Northern New Jersey for nearly 150 years. The Rutherford- based company creates services using innovative methods, attention to detail, and craftsmanship to deliver the best experience for its customers. Blue Foundry has locations in five counties made up of smart, hard-working bankers who are committed to forging new relationships, experiences, communities, partnerships, and solutions.

After our visit at the Experience Center, Crestron stood out to us because of the vast quantity of solutions the company provides and their ability to integrate with other brands.
James D. Nesci, President and CEO, Blue Foundry Bank

For Blue Foundry’s new 40,000-square-foot administrative hub, the financial institution’s President and CEO, James Nesci, sought to create a space where employees would have the opportunity to work collectively in a flexible workspace. As Blue Foundry Bank considered the design of their new hybrid offices, they viewed a technologically infused working environment as an essential investment to engage and retain employees while also attracting new ones.

Blue Foundry’s approach was “people first, technology second.” The office design needed to prioritize the employee experience and empower them to focus on what they enjoy while automating the rest.

Blue Foundry partnered with global collaboration services provider Kinly and designers at DMR Architects to adapt a technology standard that would foster a more collaborative and productive office environment. As an office standardized on Microsoft Teams®, Crestron’s ability to seamlessly integrate and support the software made the Crestron Flex Digital Workplace Platform an easy selection.

Blue Foundry’s customers are the beneficiaries of engaged and motivated employees. The goal of the new office was to create a work experience that would be a favorite for employees; a place anyone would want to work. Crestron technology within the office allows team members to collaborate and embrace the opportunity of a hybrid work schedule. With Crestron Flex, it is easy for employees to collaborate with their teams and remote workers while remaining productive. The range of the Crestron Flex platform allowed Blue Foundry to embrace different form factors to scale the audio and video experience appropriately for every space.

The versatility that Crestron provides is tremendous. We have been able to evaluate our spaces and get the proper feedback to equip each meeting space with the Crestron Flex solution that will best serve our employees.
James D. Nesci, President and CEO, Blue Foundry Bank

In Blue Foundry’s busy office, the Crestron and Microsoft Room Scheduling Panels with Microsoft Teams® software help foster a productive work environment where employees can book rooms like a hotel. Employees have embraced the scheduling system, structuring meeting room usage and streamlining management of these spaces. For the health and safety of employees, wave sensors were also installed to eliminate touchpoints as employees move through the office. Blue Foundry employees were able to quickly learn to use the technology and now they see it as a natural extension of their workplace.

Blue Foundry Bank worked with Kinly to fully integrate every piece of Crestron technology, driving how the office functions and performs for employees. The audiovisual experience is consistent throughout the office, creating an engaging experience in common spaces and more. Music plays throughout the office to enhance the ambiance for employees as they go about their day. To support their employees’ health and wellness, Blue Foundry has installed circadian rhythm lighting. The office lighting dims, brightens, and changes hues to adjust with the natural light of the sun throughout the day.

The new office space features many customized finishes and unique amenities such as a wellness room, lounges with fireplaces, and a café which serves as a unique space for teams to connect. In the café, twelve large displays show sports games and news programming, in addition to corporate branding and advertising content. To boost morale and show appreciation for employees, Blue Foundry also displays company signage to acknowledge work anniversaries, significant events, and more.

Technology is an avenue for Blue Foundry Bank to expand its products and services to meet the needs of its employees, customers, and communities beyond the administrative headquarters. With the success of the recent Crestron deployment, Blue Foundry is exploring bringing similar experiences into their branches as well.

The success of this install was largely due to the collaboration between Blue Foundry and our team. Their involvement helped as an integrator to coordinate through the waves of solution changes and bring the project to the next level.
Raymond Meza, Global Account Executive, Kinly

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