Relocating the office to inspire flexible collaboration

New Jersey, US


Crestron Flex makes it easy to collaborate with teams and remote workers while remaining productive.


The technology design allows employees to focus on what they enjoy while automating the rest.

Health and wellness

Circadian rhythm lighting dims, brightens and changes hues to adjust to the natural light of the sun.


Company signage acknowledges work anniversaries, significant events and more.

The challenge

Since the 1870s, Blue Foundry Bank has been providing comprehensive financial products and services to northern New Jersey in the US. Creating services using innovative methods, attention to detail and craftsmanship, the bank has nearly twenty branches manned by banking professionals who forge new relationships, experiences, communities, partnerships and solutions.

Blue Foundry Bank entrusted Kinly with its office relocation project. The goal of the new office was to create a working experience that would attract employees and become a place where they actively want to spend their time. President & CEO, Blue Foundry Bank, James D. Nesci, wanted to provide employees with the right resources to be successful, while creating a space that gave a whole new life and meaning to banking.

“At Blue Foundry, we think of the technology not only today but also how we might need to leverage it in the future. With the support of Crestron and Kinly, we were able to futureproof our business.”

James D. Nesci
President & CEO
Blue Foundry Bank

The solution

Blue Foundry’s new and innovative 40,000 square foot corporate hub reflects its people first, technology second approach, giving employees the opportunity to work collectively in a flexible workspace. When considering the design of this hybrid HQ, Blue Foundry believed that a technologically infused working environment was an essential investment for engaging and retaining employees, while also attracting new ones. The bank considers technology to be an avenue for expanding its products and services to meet the needs of its employees, customers and communities.

We worked with Blue Foundry Bank to fully integrate every piece of Crestron technology, driving how the office functions and performs for employees. The success of this install was largely due to the collaboration between Blue Foundry and our team. Their involvement helped us, as an integrator, to coordinate through the waves of solution and bring the project the next level.

Crestron technology within the office allows team members to collaborate and embrace the opportunities of a hybrid work schedule. The technology design allows employees to focus on what they enjoy while automating the rest. Crestron Flex makes it easy to collaborate with teams and remote workers while remaining productive. This has presented employees with a whole new outlook on being in the office and at home. Crestron and Microsoft Room Scheduling Panels help foster a productive work environment. Employees can book these rooms like a hotel.

To support Blue Foundry in their goal to improve employee health and wellbeing, we installed circadian rhythm lighting. Throughout the day, the office lighting dims, brightens and changes hues to adjust to the natural light of the sun. The new office space also features many customised finishes and unique amenities. These include a wellness room, lounges with fireplaces and a café serving as a relaxing space for teams to connect. In the office, Community Managers help improve the workday for employees by acting as concierges to assist employees with their needs for a comfortable workday, while shaping the company culture.

The result

Employees were able to quickly learn to use the technology, and they now see it as part of the space. In the lobby and café, twelve large displays show sports games and news programming in addition to branding and advertising content filtering in through AppSpace.

To boost morale and show appreciation for its employees, the bank also displays company signage to acknowledge work anniversaries, significant events, and more. While a Sonos audio system pushes music throughout the office to enhance the overall vibe.

For the health and safety of employees, wave sensors were installed to eliminate touchpoints as they move through the office. With the success of the technology deployment in their HQ, Blue Foundry is now exploring how to deliver similar experiences into their branches.

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