Make your day productive

It’s when we work with others that we have our best ideas, and it’s when we communicate effectively that we just get things done. Bringing the two together makes for an exciting, motivating, and productive workplace.

Just as the ways in which we communicate have shifted to keep pace with digital transformation in recent years, collaboration is now undergoing monumental change. Where face-to-face meetings once made up the majority of our collaborative experiences, virtual and hybrid are now playing a vital role.

Your Commute

Your Commute

Your workday begins as you hop on the train, ready to take on any challenges which might come your way. This is the perfect time to get a head start, so you check your calendar, book a meeting room for later in the day and schedule an informal catch up with your team – all from the same device.

Keep an eye on your AV estate.

Managing your team and your own schedule becomes a lot simpler when you can view the status of your entire AV estate at a glance. Use our easy-to-navigate dashboards to get an overview of your set up or dive into the detail with just a few taps.

Join a meeting on the go.

According to a recent global study from Microsoft, over 70% of workers want remote work to remain an option. So there’s no question that flexible work is here to stay. Make the most of travel time by connecting to meetings on the go, from any device.

Message in the same space.

Working with all major suppliers and software toolsets – including MS Teams, Zoom and Cisco WebEx – we ensure you get full functionality across every meeting room, huddle space and personal device. Connect with your team on one platform across them all to keep everything you need in easy view.

Your Arrival

Your Arrival

As you step into the office, you’re welcomed by familiar branding and exciting, dynamic displays. This space is at the very heart of your business – it’s where your clients form first impressions and where your people should feel welcomed every single day. Being able to adapt surroundings to suit any group makes this an incredibly valuable, hardworking space too.

Dynamic digital signage.

As we all become bombarded with messaging from a plethora of sources, digital signage can make your business stand out. Workplaces are all about experiences, and clear, impactful, adaptable signage can go a long way. Look and feel, branding, accessibility and more all make an incredible difference to how your people understand the places they come to work.

Share your message.

Bring marketing and communications specialists into the team behind your signage to integrate it into both new and existing strategies. Use digital signage for internal comms, to grow brand awareness or even direct people around your spaces. Whatever your aim, we’ll work with you to bridge the gap between technology and content, ensuring your messages land with their desired audience.

Impress with LED.

Nothing matches LED when it comes to making an impact. Impress clients as soon as they step through your front door with enormous, curving screens showing off your business at its very best. Plus, with low energy use and high reliability, LED is a sustainable choice which requires little maintenance – a real win win!

Your Desk

Your Desk

Making your way to your desk, you’re excited for the day ahead. Though work patterns are changing, you value having a space that is just yours – this is a place where you enjoy spending time. After all, from here you have access to everything and everyone. Switch effortlessly between messages, voice and video calls, connecting remotely to every colleague and client for seamless collaboration.

Make a sustainable choice.

Your workspace is designed to enable virtual collaboration. As a result, you no longer need to travel to different offices or venues to catch up with clients and colleagues – you can do it all from a single desk. That saves miles travelled, lost time and ultimately, reduces your impact on our planet.

Connect with quality.

Up to 60% of meetings will be taking place virtually by 2024, so the digital infrastructure of your organisation is only becoming more vital. Connect with quality audio and visuals using a smart Kinly set up, which can adapt to any meeting software, at every desk.

Open for collaboration.

Combine fixed and flexible spaces to suit the fluid working patterns of your people. Dedicated desk space provides security and easy access to virtual meetings, while huddle spaces in the same office allow collaboration to flow naturally across teams.

Your Informal Meeting

Your Informal Meeting

Kick the day off with an informal team meeting, bringing your colleagues together in a comfortable space to promote conversation and get people working together. Equipped with furniture designed for collaboration and dynamic, interactive screens, these spaces are designed to help you collaborate. It’s here the very best ideas are generated.

Share ideas effectively.

Use large screens to share multiple streams of content from laptops and mobile devices. If your session becomes more interactive, create new documents and share ideas as you chat, writing on screen and making amends in sync with real-time collaboration tools. Then share the final result with the touch of a button.

Informal huddle spaces.

We do our best work when we feel relaxed and at ease in our surroundings. Casual huddle spaces around a more structured office allow for one-to-one meetings and small team gatherings without the burden of booking or too much structure. Embrace the openness of these spaces and reflect it in your collaborative work.

Embrace creative tech.

Informal meeting spaces can be installed as a full solution, or be developed with existing technology and systems. Re- work existing assets to encourage more open collaboration among your teams at a low cost, or invest in productivity with something entirely new.

Your Small Meeting

Your Small Meeting

Your first formal meeting of the day is shared with just a few colleagues. You’re coming together to share ideas with remote team members and have booked out a meeting room to ensure your conversation remains private and productive. Here you can share content with ease, and work on the next big thing together as a team.

Instant meeting access.

Wasted time at the start of meetings all adds up. According to Cisco, it takes 10 minutes, on average, to start a meeting with remote participants. In this meeting room, however, your call is started with just one touch. All the technicalities are taken out of the technology so you can get on with what you do best.

One-stop solution.

Your Kinly Room is designed to wrap together market-leading hardware, software and services, so it works as a one-stop solution to all your meeting needs. Book, dial in and share content easily using branded interfaces which suit both your people and your business.

Integrate your calendars.

Never worry about double booking or another team barging into your room thanks to an integrated calendar system. Check when rooms are free, your current bookings, if you can extend your current meeting and more with just a few taps of the in-room screen.

Your Important Conference

Your Important Conference

An important conference is scheduled in the largest room in your AV estate. Here, you’ll be meeting with senior colleagues, running through vital documents with clients attending remotely and watching as your team share slides from both laptop and mobile. Electronic invites have been sent and accepted. Now the important stuff happens.

Heard from anywhere.

When your meeting is a business-critical one, you don’t want to waste time or attention worrying about the quality of your audio- visual output. Even across large meeting rooms, we ensure high quality sound and video output by first assessing need, then installing sufficient hardware for your people to be seen and heard from anywhere.

Branded to perfection.

Your conference room is often the window through which clients you’re your business. This is the space where the big conversations happen, so you need to make sure your brand, and its USPs, are visible here. By customising endpoints, room design and more to sit in line with your own style and branding, we create a single, seamless experience for all.

Adapt to your industry.

There’s no question that different industries require different solutions when it comes to large-scale hybrid meetings. Specialists in everything from education to government and judiciary, we can adapt your solution and everything which comes with it to meet your needs and any industry requirements.

Your Big Event

Your Big Event

This afternoon you’re hosting an exciting event. But rather than travel to be at a central venue live, you and your colleagues are saving time and resource, hosting virtually. You get together and head to a versatile shared space, then dial in to the live broadcast together.

Moderators to assist.

To make sure your event runs smoothly, and everyone is connected with ease, you use our dedicated global concierge service. A friendly expert, speaking your local language, gets you connected and moderates the entire event, meaning you don’t have to worry about any of the technicalities and can focus instead on the event.

Interact with ease.

Virtual events can’t compare to in-person experiences if there are no opportunities for interaction. That’s why you’ve built in chat functionality, along with polls and innovative opportunities for real-time collaboration. Your guests are, of course, excited and can’t wait to get involved.

Join from a versatile space.

You join the event from a flexible space at the centre of your workplace. Adaptable furniture and interactive screens allow you and your colleagues to share the experience, and Kinly kit records and shares your broadcast content with quality.

Your Virtual Meeting

Your Virtual Meeting

As the afternoon rolls on, you decide to embrace your business’ work-from-anywhere culture and catch an earlier, quieter train home before logging back on remotely. This flexible approach is now part of your everyday, so you have no problems joining the final meeting of the day from home.

Ultra-secure meeting.

The setup of your virtual meeting room is endlessly adaptable and always secure. For this meeting, the room is locked to keep confidential conversations confidential – only invited attendees can gain access. Plus, it’s backed up with the added security of a Kinly Cloud connection.

Use any device.

No need to set up your laptop on the go if you don’t make it back in time to join. Virtual meeting rooms have high levels of interoperability, so it doesn’t matter what device you’re using, you can still log in and join the conversation. That’s ideal when you’re expecting guests and clients to dial in.

Come together flexibly.

Virtual meeting rooms like this one open up new opportunities for collaboration as you can bring together colleagues, clients and more from across the globe with ease. And though a virtual meeting room occupies no physical space, it operates in much the same way, meaning you can work together without complication.

How Was Your Day?

How Was Your Day?

In short, it was more connected, more collaborative and more effective than any before. With Kinly in place, you were able to reduce time wasted waiting on connections or travelling to meet in person. You made the most of the technology at your disposal too, using innovative features to get more from your people.

Get the right support.

Whenever something goes wrong, Kinly is there to help. You just ring your IT service desk as usual, and from there they can refer technical issues to a dedicated Kinly team. Our aim is to spot any problems before you do, but even if you get there first, we won’t be far behind with a fix.

Use data to your advantage.

Your AV estate is always being monitored, so we have plenty of data on which to base recommendations for updates, expansion and improved utilisation. Then, whenever you need new tech, we’ll be ready to provide it in an instant.

Train your team.

Get the very best out of your investment by ensuring your people know how, and are eager, to use your new technology. We combine tutor-led coaching, virtual instruction and evergreen training assets to make that a reality.

Enabling your business to be more productive in a hybrid world

Enabling your business to be more productive in a hybrid world

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