Kinly Smart Rooms

Smart Rooms address common meeting-room problems and improve the meeting experience people have at work. A predictable and consistent experience raises user confidence and drives use.

Smart Rooms are standard meeting-room solutions providing a consistent user experience in every workspace. Smart Rooms are designed for the modern workplace; they support the way teams work together.

Standard Workspaces

Standard Workspaces

Our advisors will help you choose from a range of standardized solutions that enable people to perform different activities with the right technology, in a variety of settings.

Choose from our standard designs or let us design a bespoke set of standard rooms - specific to your processes, roles, and workflow. We can create a simplified, online catalog for your business - supported by standard and advanced services - that allows you to implement a complete Smart Services framework.

Build smart and intelligent Rooms

Build smart and intelligent Rooms

Smart Room products are carefully assessed, tested, and only selected if they have a credible and mature API strategy, the foundation of our Smart Rooms. We use cutting-edge technology and user-centrical designs to help you build and deploy intelligent meeting rooms.

Kinly assesses quality, user-level, aesthetics and more. We build standard solutions that integrate with your existing services, and we can provide a simplified ordering-catalog for your business, online.

Smart Monitoring

Smart Monitoring

Ensure that your smart rooms are a problem free zone, where the technology always works. Kinly Smart Monitoring gives you the insight, comfort, and reliability to keep ahead of AV challenges. Smart Rooms - combined with Kinly Smart Monitoring - lets you create intelligent meeting rooms.

Kinly Room as a Service

Smart Rooms are also available as a 'service'. Simply choose which product and service options suit your needs - and we'll provide them as one monthly cost per room, with no annual service changes. Empower your teams with the latest digital collaboration tools!

Interested in Smart Rooms?

Our easy-to-use configurator tool simplifies the way we build standardized workspaces. Simply complete the form and we will show you how you can deploy Smart Rooms.

Contact us to find out more or see our configurator tool in action!