Meeting Rooms

The meeting room is the organization’s primary arena for interaction and collaboration.

Facilitating multi-party interaction and cross-team collaboration, your meeting rooms also provide the ideal environment for video communication and innovative technology.

Kinly delivers everything from individual products to total room solutions.

Working Together. Everywhere

Most organizations have meeting rooms. But the modern workplace has become a fluid and dynamic activity-based process, as opposed to a stationary, physical place.

The same goes for meeting rooms.

A modern meeting room needs to facilitate both physical and digital collaboration. To do that, you need right tools. AV and videoconferencing technology ensure fluid collaboration and communication—across places and spaces.

And that is what Kinly is all about.

A Diverse Portfolio

Huddle-rooms and small meeting rooms. Impromptu meetings, and private ones.

Standard meeting rooms. Regular rooms with AV installed. Versatile, dynamic rooms for physical and digital collaboration.

Dedicated videoconferencing rooms. The optimal solution for effective collaboration and communication on video.

Choosing the Right Setup

Before you invest in expensive technology, you should make sure you are getting the right tools for the job.

For example, two screens are often better than one massive screen when it comes to videoconferencing. Having two gives you the option of sharing and showing video—meaning you get to collaborate and communicate simultaneously.

Seemingly small details like these will make a massive difference in the quality and efficiency of digital collaboration. That is why Kinly plan, design, and create solutions based on your goals.

We help you work better together, everywhere.

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