Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex brings the meeting experience to life


Cisco have created a new and comprehensive portfolio of simpler, smarter and more practical collaboration solutions. The combination of products and software connects the virtual and physical meeting room, creating a meeting experience that instantly brings people together, from inside and outside your company, in secure workspaces. Continuous teamwork anytime, anywhere. Designed to empower employees in the era of hybrid work.

Webex conferencing and collaboration products

Cisco Collaboration products, services and platforms are now called Webex. Webex Devices include desk, room and whiteboard solutions, and provide intelligent video and audio communications for meeting spaces of all sizes. Cisco’s team collaboration app is called Webex Teams. The teams platform provides whiteboarding, persistent messaging and content sharing in a secure space. Let us show you how it works.


Webex Rooms and Devices

Webex Rooms and Devices work together with Webex Meetings and Webex Teams to give you the best possible meeting and teamwork experience. Webex Devices include video conferencing and whiteboard solutions that brings intelligent video communications to small, medium and large collaboration workspaces.

Webex Board is an all-in-one device for team collaboration. Webex Desk and Webex Room are flexible intelligent collaboration devices designed to give you the best possible meeting and teamwork experience.


Webex Meetings

Webex provides you with a proven, simple, and innovative solution that helps you achieve effective meetings. Webex Meetings offers integrated audio, video, and content sharing with highly secure meetings from the Cisco Webex Cloud. Run large-scale events or webinars with HD video and broadcast-quality audio. Deliver interactive, online training with video breakout sessions and learning modules with tests using Webex Training.


Webex Teams

Webex Teams allows you to stay connected between meetings with virtual workspaces, messaging, file sharing, whiteboards and video calling. Webex Teams brings everyone and everything together in one simple-to-use, secure space.

Control your video system from any device using the Webex Teams app. Everything you create on the Webex Board is saved to your Webex Team space automatically. Everything’s compatible and connected.


Cisco Webex Calling

Webex Calling is a complete enterprise-grade cloud calling and team collaboration solution offered through a flexible subscription model. With centralized administration, security, and reliability you can trust, keep the Webex Cloud always on and always up to date so you can focus on your business.

Webex devices for the hybrid workplace

Cisco has launched a range of new Webex Desk devices for premium video meeting experiences from your office desk or home office designed to help organizations to empower employees in the emerging hybrid workplace.


Cisco Premier Partner

As a Cisco Premier Certified Partner with Master Collaboration Specialization, Kinly have a strong record of deploying Cisco Webex solutions and services into organizations across the world. We’re a Cisco Premier Partner because we demonstrate technical expertise across the range of Cisco solutions and our staff are trained & certified to a high level. We can consult, design, install & support across Cisco’s offering, with particular expertise in collaboration, UC & voice.

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