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Stay connected and productive working from home

Utilize video-based collaboration solutions and services to maintain operations during periods of unplanned disruption.

Our 'video-first' approach

Meet in a safe, reliable and user-friendly way

When more and more people are working from home, video-based collaboration solutions and services become critical. We are happy to help you stay in business in times of unplanned interruptions. We start by identifying your needs and priorities and then choose the most suitable solution together. A solution with which your employees are always and everywhere connected with each other and can meet each other in a safe, reliable and user-friendly way.

“Working from home: no longer at the coffee machine, but saying 'hello' via video”

What can we help you with?

Stay safe, stay home with Kinly personal virtual meeting rooms

With Personal CloudRooms, employees can plan and manage their own meetings, share content and collaborate with multiple participants (colleagues, but also partners and suppliers), from home but also on the road if necessary.

Meet your team with Kinly Team Rooms

Kinly Team Rooms are there to improve communication within teams. A good example of this is Human Resources, which certainly need to do more work together at the moment. Other examples are ad hoc teams and task forces. If necessary, the Team Room can be extended with live streaming and recording even to (supported) third party streaming platforms (including Facebook and Youtube) through our RTMP streaming integration.

Stay connected with an app or web interface

With a user-friendly app or web interface, users can call each other, unlimited and directly, to a unique address (which looks like an email address and is therefore easy to remember) From all devices, even a smartphone.

Stay informed with Kinly Events

Kinly Event is a complete event service for large video meetings, events and even broadcasts. Kinly Events services can be fully customized to replace a physical event with a virtual solution. Our Events solution always consists of an event coordinator, is fully managed and offers extensive recording and streaming services and can accommodate up to 5000 people at the same time.

Live opptak og streaming

Send møtet direkte fra et virtuelt møterom til en rekke tredjeparts streaming plattformer og ta opptak av møtet slik at du kan dele det i etterkant.

Kinly Managed Meetings

Med denne tjenesten kan vi arrangere, planlegge og fullstendig administrere viktige møter for å støtte dine ansatte og team med å samarbeide fra hjemmekontor. .

Oppgradering av kapasitet

Trender viser en høy økning av videomøter som følge av COVID-19-utbruddet. Vi kan vi hjelpe deg med å vurdere og skissere alternativer for å problemfritt øke kapasiteten, enten ved å skalere, oppdatere eller utvide din eksisterende avtale.

Produkter til hjemmekontor

Produsentene opplever enorm etterspørsel, mye er utsolgt, annet er under transport, noe er på lager. Snakk med oss for å finne løsninger til desktop skjermer, headset, videokamera til PC med mer.

Other services

Expansion of capacity

If you already use video conferencing solutions, we can help you (even temporarily) expand the capacity of these solutions.

Remote training

If the employees need help on how to make the best use of the solution, training or adoption of the Unified Collaboration technologies, we offer a package of training and adoption services for our own solutions, but also for suppliers such as Cisco Webex, Zoom, Pexip, Microsoft Skype for Business & Teams. Our training and adoption team can do these trainings completely remotely for teams but also for a user in order to use the solutions optimally.

Management of company critical meeting rooms

Remotely manage the availability of key meeting rooms using the Kinly Smart Monitoring platform without the presence of a support team on site.

Kinly Managed Meetings

With this service we unburden you completely. Kinly ensures that important video meetings are booked, set up and fully managed to support your employees and teams so they can work together from home, remotely or from the office. And during the meeting we have a team of engineers ready to offer any support.

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