Video Collaboration

Connecting the modern workplace with video collaboration

We build solutions for meeting rooms, boardrooms, lecture theaters, auditoriums, classrooms, conference areas, control rooms, operations centers, retail spaces, reception areas, huddle rooms and flexible spaces.

Implemented effectively, video collaboration technology can improve the meeting experience people have at work. See how some of our clients use our visual collaboration solutions to improve the way they communicate, collaborate, interact, and engage.

Creating better workplace experiences

We integrate videoconference technology, audiovisual, telepresence, digital signage, digital whiteboards, video walls, interactive displays, projection displays, presentation systems, sound- and control systems.

Building and integrating collaboration technology requires knowledge, experience, and vision.

We can help you create intelligent, dynamic, and smart visual collaboration environments - integrated to automate and control audio, visual, and environmental settings.

Creating better workplace experiences
The way we meet is changing

The way we meet is changing

Meetings nowadays are much more collaborative, and rarely happen in just one place. We offer a range of activity-based workspaces, where individuals and teams can work effectively in our increasingly digital reality.

Bespoke workspaces are optimal for specific types of collaboration, such as training, lecturing, and command & control environments.

By offering a variety of formal, structured, informal, and social spaces, employees can also choose where to work.


​"Up to 50% of conference rooms will be video-enabled by 2020."


"More than half of message interpretation is from facial expressions and body language."


"94% of businesses that utilize video conferencing say it increases productivity."


"Nearly nine in 10 remote employees say that video helps them feel more connected to their colleagues."