Support Services

Support for business collaboration anywhere, anytime

Support for business collaboration anywhere, anytime

Here at Kinly, we offer more than design and installation. To get the very best out of your meeting room estate, and your people, you need to know that your technology will work today, tomorrow and for years to come. This way, you can focus on your business, not the technology that makes it possible.

Our approach

Our approach

Video and audio-visual collaboration are at the heart of every modern organisation. But where there is technology, there are inevitably (though we hope rarely) system failures. Our support services take care of this for you, reducing failure recovery times and preventing communication disruptions that can affect business continuity.

Designed to ensure your kit is always running at its best, and any failures in the system are resolved at speed, these services provide a helpdesk, on-site support and preventative maintenance for both your IT teams and the people using your Kinly solutions every day. You can access support in your local language, and via real experts, should any problems arise. Most importantly, it means you can rest easy in the knowledge that Kinly is there in the background, maintaining your systems so your tech is up to the job whenever you need it.

Support round the clock

Our experts are on hand 24/7, ready to help whenever you need. You can even build response and fix times into your agreement with us to guarantee issues are resolved within a timeframe that best suits you and your business.

Reduced strain on IT

It’s true that you could take support services in-house and train your own IT teams to deal with your new technology. But there is no question that creates undue strain – let us work together to ease the pressure on your technical teams.

More than break fix

We’ll troubleshoot issues when they arise, but most of the time, we’ll spot and resolve any technical issues before you notice them. That’s thanks to our smart monitoring software and a bold, forward-thinking approach to preventative maintenance.

One partner

When you work with Kinly, you only ever have to contact Kinly. We’ll deal with any third-party suppliers on your behalf, meaning you only ever have to deal with one technology provider.

Support Services

Support Services

Kinly Support Services means you can access support in your local language, and via real experts, should any problems arise.

Lets' get started

At Kinly, our expertise lies in technology. Our passion is creating effective solutions that work for real people. Together, that means you can trust us to provide the best technical solution to meet your specific needs, with support for existing services, smart monitoring services and guidance on adoption to ensure security, efficiency and reliability. Whenever you need us, you’re only one step away from assistance. Get in touch today to realise all our benefits.

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