Standards Management

A standardised approach is best

A standardised approach is best

Standards management is essential for managing multiple AV projects consistently and efficiently. We develop the right framework that suits your organisation’s goals. These could be based on existing technology standards - saving you many months of design and testing work – or involve a bespoke catalogue of customised solutions, or a mix of both. We also help you capture and share your technology standards online, so that you can achieve instant budgetary pricing and manage multiple projects.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We define, design, deploy and support all aspects of your AV estate to deliver a consistent and manageable collaboration environment. We provide you with everything you need to approach a joined up global approach

Designed for you

We work with you to define the right global standard for your business

Faster deployment

You can choose from many existing catalogues for an instant global standard

Easy to access and share

Through an online management platform with everything you need for a consistent and resilient global approach

Save money

Our enterprise engagement platform enables you to aggregate demand for discounted prices from vendors

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With you every step

The process of preparing for a significant project of works can be incredibly daunting. How will the established working methods of regional teams be affected? What impact will this have on legacy systems and infrastructure? How will the costs demising old systems be managed? Kinly is with you every step of the way.

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