Events as a Service

A platform for sharing

A platform for sharing

Here at Kinly, we’ve been hosting virtual and hybrid events for years, so we know their value. We recognise their potential to inspire your people, share those all-important messages and bring businesses together. Our Events as a Service (EaaS) offering makes hosting those events simpler, and more cost efficient, than ever.

Our approach

Our approach

With the rapid rise of virtual events, switching formats with little notice and adapting to a moving audience have become obstacles we’re expected to overcome with ease. At Kinly, we’ve raised our baseline and bake flexibility into our EaaS model so you can react at speed, with a service you know inside out.

This offering reduces the burden on your people while minimising cost and, ultimately, increasing the efficacy of your events. Whatever number, size and style of events populate your business calendar, this service allows you to hand over responsibility to experienced Kinly teams while ensuring a consistent experience for your people.

Global approach

Our extensive partner network, offices in seven countries, plus experts, technical consultants and experienced Kinly people across the globe, mean we can support your events anywhere in the world.

Interoperable systems

We want you to stay connected to attendees in any location, on any device. With that in mind, we’ll bridge the gap between different environments, streaming services and technology platforms.

Consistent, repeatable, reliable

Layering our EaaS model with strategic planning, management and consultancy, we ensure the entire service is consistent and reliable, and events are easily repeatable.

Ready for anything

We’ll reduce the need for last minute change thanks to extensive planning and a full Kinly set up which includes extensive planning. Plus, we’ll create a catalogue of event types that can be switched on with just a day’s warning.

Events & Broadcasting

Events & Broadcasting

Keeping all the things which make face-to-face so great – the interaction, the collaboration, the excitement – in a virtual environment.

Begin your journey

Sharing vital knowledge and creating memorable experiences, even when your people are spread across the globe, has never been easier. No matter how fast-paced the environment, or how many events you need to host, Kinly is here to ensure everything runs smoothly. Get in touch to kickstart our journey together.