Collaboration assessment

Getting to know you

Getting to know you

At Kinly, we know just how powerful the right technology can be when it comes to promoting true collaboration across any business. But finding the right solution for your specific organisation relies on more than knowledge of the latest tech – we need to get to know your people to make it deliver real results. That’s where our in-depth collaboration assessment comes in.

Our approach

Our approach

We’ll use our extensive knowledge and experience in the audio-visual space to work as consultative partners, designing, installing, and integrating effective collaboration tools into your business. That all begins with getting to know your organisation and your people through a collaboration assessment in the early planning stages of our journey together.

Forming part of our consulting and design process, this assessment takes place during the planning stage of the Kinly lifecycle and is designed to help our people understand needs, desires, existing attitudes, and expectations across your business. Though what we hope to learn remains the same, this assessment can take a few forms.

Our Collaboration Assessment options is tailored to our customers’ visual collaboration needs and can be incredibly useful should you come to us from another vendor or with new tech already in place. Whatever you choose, this is our time to get to know you.

We meet you where you are

Our process isn’t prescriptive, so we’ll join your wherever you are on your visual collaboration journey and work from there. That’s why we provide three types of collaboration assessment, to fit to your needs and work around any progress which has already been made.

One contact

Here at Kinly, we put people at the heart of everything we do. Your dedicated customer success manager, therefore, exists to put you and your business first. They’re your go-to for anything you might need during the initial phases of your work with us.

We put people first

Your people are the key to making collaboration technology work. Unlike others, we’ll liaise directly with your teams, conducting surveys and interviews to learn what the majority in your business need, not just what leadership would like to see.

Start to finish planning

By looking at desired outcomes from the early planning stages, we can map how to achieve your goals and deliver strong return on investment from day one. That way, each learning informs the next step, and we can spot both opportunities and potential threats from afar.

Let’s get started

We want everyone to be able to work together, from anywhere. For us, a collaboration assessment is the first step on the journey towards just that and we couldn’t be more excited to help your people realise true collaboration. To discover the business benefits that come along with it, and start your Kinly journey, get in touch today.

Collaboration Assessment

Collaboration Assessment

Keeping all the things which make face-to-face so great – the interaction, the collaboration, the excitement – in a virtual environment.