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In modern-day meetings and collaboration estates, endpoints can very easily number in the thousands. Each of these endpoints generates large quantities of metadata on its successful operation, its utilisation and more. How could an organisation learn and benefit from this data? Kinly can show you how.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Firstly, it’s about harnessing all the intelligence to ensure a successful operation. Any endpoint that appears to be failing will be automatically flagged for investigation and remote remediation or replacement.

A secondary and more innovative approach to the usage of this data is to determine key business and utilisation metrics. How often is a room used? How many attendees were in a meeting? Did the meeting start on time? Which are the most, or least used rooms? All these questions and more can be posed and a response discovered.

This level of innovative reporting enables the flexible management and expansion of a meeting rooms estate. Maximising uptime and creating a true return on investment view. When the time comes to expand or modify the mixture of the estate this can be done based on the true user experience.

Maximum Uptime

Analysing the constant stream of metadata from endpoint devices to detect failures for maximum uptime and utilisation of a meeting room or space

Security Built In

All the data passed is encrypted and secured to the latest and strongest industry standards.

Forward Planning Through Real-World Usage Data

Using real-world usage data allows for a deep understanding of current usage of a meeting rooms estate. Thus allowing for an insightful expansion or reworking of spaces.

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Getting The Right Fit

As organisations working practices change, getting the right fit and blend of meeting and collaboration spaces is highly valuable. With a comprehensive reporting and analytics solution in place, extensive insight can be gained.

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