Kinly Touch Control

One-touch working

Technology is a wonderful thing and integrating it into your meetings can have an incredible impact when it comes to productivity and collaboration. But for your people to embrace it, and even enjoy it, using your tech must be as straightforward as possible. That’s where a Kinly Touch Control interface comes in.

Our approach

Our approach

For us, effective touch control solutions are all about consistency. Once we’ve drilled down into your business’ needs, we build an interface which is consistent across all your meeting rooms, whatever their purpose or system configuration. This makes it easier than ever for all your colleagues to engage with your meeting room tech and ensures your business is represented positively at every endpoint. We can even use the touch pads to display company logos or branding.

Used to control a variety of AV solutions across your organization, Touch Control is deployed via an onsite Crestron touch panel and controller. Along with making your meeting rooms simpler to operate, this approach makes us more accessible. Should you need technical support from Kinly, you can reach us with Touch Control. We can operate Smart Monitoring and analytics tools through the interface too.

Easy to use

Get set up in minutes. Configuration can be done on the panel or remotely without custom coding, so it takes no time to get started.

Always-on support

Press the help button to connect the room directly to Kinly support teams who can assist with any issues in the room.

Consistent experience

Deploy the same interface in any type of meeting room to make life easier for your colleagues.

Building automation

Integrate with room lighting, shading and motion sensors to enhance the meeting experience.

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Discover more

Adding Touch Control to your meeting room set up can make a big difference to adoption across your business. By introducing familiar, easy-to-use controls and providing an easy route to technical support, this interface makes interacting with smart meeting rooms that bit simpler, and more appealing for most. Find out more about Touch Control, and how it could work for you.

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