Onboarding services

Championing development

Championing development

At Kinly, we talk a lot about the value of collaboration and working together, and it’s true that our range of solutions make hybrid and virtual working more efficient, more dynamic and, ultimately, easier. But to achieve the best results, and adoption across your business, your people need to be empowered with the right training.

Our approach

Our approach

At Kinly, working together is our specialty, so we know that people come first. Your people are the most critical part of your organisation and ultimately, they are the key to true collaboration. That is why the period between installation and full utilisation is so important, as it is here that your people come on board with your new tech.

Our onboarding process focuses on your people from start to finish. This way you enable your people to get the best out of your meeting room estate and operate the technology at their disposal with complete confidence. Combined in one comprehensive, but flexible, programme, we’ll increase adoption and so grow the value of your investment.

Focus on value

At Kinly, we have a whole toolbox full of onboarding services, but we won’t overwhelm you with every single option. Instead, we’ll work to get to know your people and share the tools which will form an effective adoption programme across your business.

Effective communication

Awareness and desire are just as important as knowledge as people need to understand the background, the expectation and ultimately, the why, to become passionate adopters. We’ll help you share that message.

Multi-media approach

This service covers all sorts of learning approaches. We can grow ambassador networks or offer in-person lessons, hybrid training, in-room assets, how-to guides, quick instructional films and more.

Long-term success

We’ll always provide advice on what we think works with an eye on long-term success. That’s why our training is continuous. We can return to train new employees, add new sessions for software updates and often install easy, in-room, information points.

Onboarding Services

Onboarding Services

Keeping all the things which make face-to-face so great – the interaction, the collaboration, the excitement – in a virtual environment.

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Here at Kinly, we provide full solutions from advice, through to delivery and long-lasting service. Onboarding services are key to ensuring your new technology is accepted, and well used, within your organisation. So, take the first step towards success by getting in touch today.