Events and broadcasting

The future of connection

The future of connection

Bringing people together is vital to the success of any business. Events are an enormous part of that process and can be incredibly effective tools for sharing information and encouraging collaboration. But the nature of events is changing – broadcasts and virtual options are now bigger than ever.

Our approach

Our approach

Working together is central to what we do at Kinly. We believe that collaboration should flow beyond the usual meetings and daily tasks into every part of your working day. Events are an incredibly useful tool for cementing collaboration across your business and sharing your outlook with a wider audience.

That’s why we handle events and broadcasting with true engagement in mind, keeping all the things which make face-to-face so great – the interaction, the collaboration, the excitement – in a virtual environment. Chat functionality, integrated polls, a dedicated global concierge team, professional camera set ups and more all allow you to present your best self to attendees, while encouraging genuine interaction with a remote audience.

We adapt to you

At Kinly, we don’t just offer a single, off-the-shelf event solution. We can customise event and broadcast tools to your needs and have experience providing specialised solutions for areas like the educational sector.

Scale with ease

Whether you’re just hosting a larger than usual meeting, broadcasting to the whole company or putting on a large-scale event, we can scale our solutions to meet your requirements, all with your audience and their needs in mind.

Retain interaction

Keep your attendees engaged, even when you’re miles apart, with functions like Q&A, live polls, concierge, chat streams and more. We’ll work with you to determine which functions best suit your audience, then tailor our solution.

Flexible investment

We know that investment in a permanent studio isn’t always an option, so our rental and remote studio options make high-quality, engaging events accessible for every business. Plus, they come with production built in.

Events & Broadcasting

Events & Broadcasting

Keeping all the things which make face-to-face so great – the interaction, the collaboration, the excitement – in a virtual environment.

Let’s work together

We understand that workflows are more diverse than ever, so we take the time to get to know your people, their expectations and what success looks like to you. That is just part of what makes Kinly different. To find out how we can help your next event stand out from the crowd, get in touch today.

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