Video Interoperability

Bridge platforms for better working

Bridge platforms for better working

Here at Kinly, our aim is to make technology work for you. Regardless of which tools you use, how much knowledge you have or the systems your company has in place, meeting virtually should be simple. It’s our job to make sure technology doesn’t get in the way.

Our Approach

Video interoperability is the key to ensuring all your people can come together to meet virtually, regardless of which platform they use. Essentially, it is the technology which enables professional video endpoints to participate in meetings with other platforms like Microsoft Teams.

As different platforms are set up differently, they can’t be linked directly. But with a system integrator, such as Kinly, you can bridge the gap and create a seamless, more connected, and generally better, meeting experience. In a few simple steps, we’ll enable the integration of various video conferencing tools to ensure that all your people can meet virtually whenever they need to, using whichever platforms they’re most comfortable with.

Secure connections

We’ll ensure secure connections between platforms and integrate different systems to make meeting with your teams in a virtual space as simple as possible.

Support of a system integrator

It is only with a system integrator like Kinly that these services can be integrated. With us, you get the support of a leading video conferencing team whenever you need it.

Merge platforms

There’s no need for extensive training or a transition to just one platform. Allow your people to connect with each other from their preferred platforms, including Cisco, MS Teams, Google Hangouts and more.

Use any device

No one needs to be cut out from the service as all devices, and users, can be connected with our approach to video interoperability.

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Let’s get connected

If you’re looking for tech solutions which will make your work life smoother, bring your people together and encourage collaboration, we’re here to make that happen. Building a system with video interoperability is the perfect first step in that journey as it allows your people to connect in a way that suits them. Get in touch to discover just what we can achieve together.

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