Visual Collaboration

Change the way you meet

The way we work is changing rapidly and video conferencing tools are becoming an increasingly important part of that change. Mastering the technology, though, can be tricky. Here at Kinly, we’re all about the end user. That means we want your teams to focus on the good stuff – creativity, collaboration, productivity – not struggle with the tech.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Modern meetings are defined by flexibility. The way in which we schedule and attend meetings varies, but meetings are becoming more collaborative and more adaptable to individuals’ needs. Meetings don’t happen in just one place anymore, and participants needn’t share a space to be productive.

At Kinly, we understand how video conferencing can improve the meeting experience in any workplace. Our solutions are designed to adapt to any size business and any size space, reflecting the needs of your organization and your people’s workflows. We know the technology inside out, so we’re perfectly placed to recommend, design and implement the right video conferencing systems to increase productivity and engage your people, all while managing cost.

Reduced emissions

With the right video conferencing solutions in place, there’s no need to travel miles for a single meeting. Save yourself the hours on the road, and those emissions for the planet.

Class-leading collaboration

As leaders in the video collaboration space, we can select the very best combination of cameras, screens and audio reinforcement technology for your space and your requirements.

Increased productivity

Collaboration becomes simpler when everyone can be an active part of the conversation, and better communication eliminates siloed workstreams. Get more out of your people by investing in the right solutions.

A win in the ‘war on talent’

With best-in-class collaboration tools, you’ll attract best-in-class professionals and provide existing employees with the tools they need to do their best work too.

Visual Collaboration

Visual Collaboration

At Kinly, visual collaboration means doing more than just delivering products and services.

To us, an effective collaboration solution goes further than the physical workplace, offering real-life workflows and experiences that mimic real life experiences online.

Start your journey

When it comes to video conferencing, the question isn’t ‘if’, but ‘when’. The world of work is changing, and businesses must change with it. Video conferencing is probably already on your agenda. The difference is, here at Kinly, we’ll make sure you receive the right service for you and your business, and see real, positive outcomes as a result. Start your journey with us.

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