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Freedom to focus

Freedom to focus

Here at Kinly, we believe firmly that technology should encourage and enable collaboration. With the Kinly Cloud, we offer just that. When you have the peace-of-mind that you can work effectively from anywhere, and through one solution, there’s no need to even consider the tech. Instead, you can focus on your work.

Our Approach

Our Approach

There’s no doubt that the world of work is changing and, for many of us, that means more freedom than ever before. The freedom to work creatively, to use new technologies, to work from anywhere. Maintaining effective team collaboration with all that change, though, can prove difficult.

That’s where the Kinly Cloud comes in. Regardless of location, our Cloud Collaboration platform allows users to stay in touch, to stay connected to their teams and to do their jobs effectively. Designed as a suite of highly scalable and customizable services, this solution can be adapted to suit you and your business but will always enable users to work well in an agile environment.

Multi-location teams

Stay connected with your colleagues wherever they’re based and enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere, without sacrificing productivity.

Secure connection

The Kinly Cloud boasts class-leading security credentials, so you can be sure your data will be protected with us.

Custom solutions

Let us know what you hope to achieve, and we’ll adapt our Kinly Cloud offering to meet those aims.

Responsive technology

As working patterns, workloads, workstreams and more continue to change, Kinly Cloud can change with you, meaning you’ll never be limited by technology.

Erasmus University

Time to get organized?

Organizing your teams is critical in fast-paced business environments. Kinly Cloud is an incredibly useful tool in that process, allowing your people to collaborate, make informed decisions and deliver effectively, regardless of location or deployed technology. If you want to streamline the way your teams work and provide that much-needed support for remote workers, get in touch.

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