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In our modern, technology-driven world, content is king. But as the amount of information we’re presented with every day continues to increase, cutting through the noise is becoming more important, and more challenging, than ever. That’s where Kinly, and our creative digital signage offering, comes in.

Our approach

Our approach

Here at Kinly, we believe that creativity is the key to producing communications which make a strong impression on their desired audiences. Our digital signage networks allow you to embrace your people’s creativity to craft messages which really speak to them. What’s displayed is entirely up to you and a range of displays can be used to create truly innovative communications. Screens might cover full walls, hang overhead, take on unusual shapes or fit seamlessly into meeting rooms.

Digital signage, though, goes beyond the screen alone. With creative software and Kinly’s expertise, the full range of comms shared on-screen can be pushed out to your hybrid workforce, linking to intranets and internal communication channels. For us, digital signage is all about ensuring the right content is delivered to the right audience at the right time.

Fully flexible

Digital signage is endlessly adaptable and can be designed for practically any purpose. We’ll use smart software to make sure your entire hybrid workforce sees your comms, and integrated tech so you can even update via tools like MS Teams or Slack.

Unburden your people

At Kinly, we believe good AV should be simple. With that in mind, we’ll create an easy-to-use portal and a range of content templates for your people. That way, they can easily update your signage, and you needn’t invest in upskilling internal teams.

Interoperable systems

All Kinly solutions work together. Our digital signage solutions can integrate with your meeting rooms to provide up-to-the-minute information at every single touchpoint around your building.

Access to experts:

Our global team has been leading the audio-visual industry for over 20 years, so we know our stuff. Plus, we’re eager to share our knowledge. Regular check-ins with your customer success manager ensure your digital signage offering is optimised.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

In our modern, technology-driven world, you’ll find digital signage everywhere you look. It’s in the station as you check your train’s on time, it greets you as you enter your office, and it might show you the way to the right meeting room too. Its power is incredible, but harnessing it requires careful thought and expert planning. That’s where Kinly comes in.

Discover more

At Kinly, your people are always our priority – the technology is just how we connect with them. And digital signage is a brilliant way to connect with endless audiences. Working as a consultative partner, we’ll help you reach the people you need to in the right way. Just get in touch to get started.

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