Personal Workspace

Time well spent

Time well spent

A personal workspace is the most intimate of locations, it’s where a team member will spend most of their time, produce most of their work and from where they will engage with most of their colleagues. This workspace may not be defined by the traditional office environment but may encompass working from home, a coffee shop or on the road. They deserve the right tools and that’s where Kinly comes in.

Our approach

Our approach

It’s rare nowadays that a team member works totally in isolation, tooling away from months on a single project with little or no interaction, the vast majority now work in working culture that thrives on interaction and collaboration.

Having the right technology, both products and services, to effectively and efficiently collaborate is essential to today's working environment. The technology needs to provide high-quality video and clear audio reinforcement with comfortable aesthetics and simple portability. It needs to sit comfortably alongside the other productivity tools - laptop, desktop, tablet - that a team member uses daily to achieve their objectives.

For many customer-facing team members, this collaboration technology will be what they use to portray an image of the organisation that they work for, it becomes a representation of all that they stand for. Therefore quality, reliability and clarity are key.

Tools of the trade

Collaboration and meeting technology are now essential tools of the trade for today's team members, regardless of where they work.

Quality is Key

The right selection of high quality and reliable technology backed with collaborative and support services is key to keeping teams productively working,

A view from the outside

For customer-facing team members, their personal workspace is a representation of their organisation to the outside world. First impressions last.

Kinly Rooms

Kinly Rooms

Kinly Room is a meeting room with a difference. A one-stop solution to grow hybrid productivity and engagement, where all of the design, product selection, installation and support is packaged into a single solution and purchased in an ‘as-a-service’ financial model.

Personal, professional and productive

A personal workspace regardless of its location is the hub of most team members working life. They deserve the best-in-class solutions to help them remain professional and productive. Kinly can help keep them this way.

Bringing people and technology together for better productivity wherever the work happens – because great things happen when people work together.


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