Huddle Space

The Mini-Meeting Room

The Mini-Meeting Room

In many situations, the semi formality of a meeting room is not conducive to open discussion, creativity and collaboration. Huddle spaces, small informal spaces for 'one to one', or 'one to few' conversations, have grown in popularity over recent years for their effectiveness, flexibility and popularity with teams.

These spaces can occupy small footprints in offices, that have often been underused in the past, they can have a higher density than traditional meeting rooms and also invite increased collaboration due to their friendly and informal nature. Kinly has not only watched their adoption over recent years but developed solutions and services dedicated to their design deployment and support.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Kinly has always built spaces in a people-centric way, understanding how they work and how they wish to utilise technology to meet their, or their team's objectives. Often the more relaxed somebody can be the more productive they will become, therefore having an informal, welcoming and intimate collaboration space, in the form of a huddle room, can be a wise investment.

By removing some of the constraints, such as total privacy, or the necessity to book spaces in advance, huddle spaces become highly informal where users can just ‘drop into’ when the need or desire arises.

Equipping them with limited, but effective and reliable technology, such as high-resolution screens and one-click access there is no technical barrier to overcome for users to learn how to use them. This coupled with comfort, openness and space lead to them being the most popular spaces within an organisations estate.

Their popularity leads to expansion and they rapidly become the most extensive style of space that an organisation has. All of which can be supported by Kinly.

Remove the barriers

And informal huddle space moves many of the barriers of formality that traditional meeting rooms have. Making them more open, creative and effective.

People-centric approach

Users will naturally lean towards spaces that have been designed around the way they work. Huddle spaces are people-centric and reflect the way they wish to meet and collaborate.


Huddle spaces will become the most popular and the most common space with an organizations estate. Managing them and scaling them requires a dedicated understanding and skill set.

Kinly Rooms

Kinly Rooms

Kinly Room is a meeting room with a difference. A one-stop solution to grow hybrid productivity and engagement, where all of the design, product selection, installation and support is packaged into a single solution and purchased in an ‘as-a-service’ financial model.

Small but perfectly formed

Huddle spaces have a proven track record as a new and exciting way to collaborate, they increase productivity, whilst reducing pressure on the more formal spaces. With the right level of technology and high reliability, they rapidly become the most popular and well-used spaces within an organisation.

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