Facilitating High-level Decisions

Facilitating High-level Decisions

The modern-day boardroom, the jewel in the crown of the executive suite, is far more than just a room. It is an outstanding and intuitive experience for all who are fortunate to have earned a seat inside. It is a representation of an organisations purpose and the pace where the highest level of decisions are taken. It needs to be an exciting environment, a sophisticated workspace and a place where technology is an enhancement and not a distraction. Kinly has a passion and an enviable track record for creating such prestigious spaces.

Our approach

Our approach

Kinly appreciates that the boardroom is a multi-purpose space, used for a range of functions from high-level decision making meetings through to presentations and strategic negotiations, It is a room that needs to show an organisation at its best. It has to distil down their business ethos, their successes, their vision for the future and what they stand for in one room.

An organisation, in this most prestigious of space, which has high-quality audiovisual, collaboration and video conferencing solutions is an organisation that shows leadership, shows innovation and shows that they wish to give each participant to a meeting the very best experience possible.

By understanding these subtle messages that a boardroom can portray Kinly ensures that their combined services of design, installation, adoption and support are at the highest of levels with no detail overlooked. And to ensure that these high-level meetings go without any form of a technical hitch, they ensure that the solution is resilient, robust, highly effective and most have ease of use at its very heart.

Exceptional quality

A boardroom is the distillation of an entire organisation into a single room, it deserves audiovisual and collaboration solutions of the highest pedigree.

Ease of use

When meetings take place in a boardroom, they do not need to be derailed by technical challenges, therefore ease of use needs to be at the heart of all technical solutions.

Multiple use

A boardroom is a multi-purpose space requiring solutions that have the depth of functionality to support many differing meeting scenarios.

Kinly Rooms

Kinly Rooms

Kinly Room is a meeting room with a difference. A one-stop solution to grow hybrid productivity and engagement, where all of the design, product selection, installation and support is packaged into a single solution and purchased in an ‘as-a-service’ financial model.

Behind closed doors

Many of the meetings that take place in a boardroom happen in private, to a highly selected audience. This audience has a high expectation for quality and for the dissemination and sharing of information. It requires technical solutions that will meet that expectation and that’s what Kinly is proud to provide.

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