Sharing Grand Ideas

Sharing Grand Ideas

When the moment comes, after months of planning and even longer in when taking into account the entire product development cycle, an assembled audience, seating in an auditorium, wants to see and hear a clear and confident message. They want to be engaged, inspired and enthused by what they see and hear. They don’t want to be embarrassed, frustrated or disappointed should this moment be let down by technical issues. Kinly will ensure that an organisation is always ready for when that moment comes.

Our approach

Our approach

Understanding the criticality of auditorium AV solutions is where Kinly excels. They know that to ensure one experience for all members of the audience, an auditorium needs quality AV technology tailored to suit the room’s size and shape. That is why choosing the right technology is important—and why installing it correctly is essential.

There are three main areas that need to be addressed when designing an AV solution for an auditorium - the size and shape of the room, the technical solutions and the audience experience. If all of those blend into one uniform solution then an organisation can be confident that whatever the message it is they chose to share, that it will hit home effectively with their audience.

Kinly applies its holistic approach to developing auditorium solutions encompassing all the technical and human elements accordingly. As auditoriums become multi-purpose spaces they need to have immersive audio solutions, compelling display solutions but also the ability for video conferencing and integration of remote presenters.

All of these considerations supported by extensive levels of security and high-quality installation ensures that when the moment comes for the big show, Kinly has you covered.

Complex considerations

A successful auditorium has to balance a complex set of considerations in order to be successful. This has to be the most effective blend of technical and human requirements.

Immersive experience

Audio and visual technically needs to create the immersive and captivating experience so that a message lands and compellingly engages with its audience.


Toolsets to allow for the integration into video conferencing and other remote activities need to be built into an auditorium to give it the capability to be used for the widest possible scenarios.

Kinly Rooms

Kinly Rooms

Kinly Room is a meeting room with a difference. A one-stop solution to grow hybrid productivity and engagement, where all of the design, product selection, installation and support is packaged into a single solution and purchased in an ‘as-a-service’ financial model.

Centre stage

An auditorium is the centre stage for big immersive and impressive announcements. Get it right and the audience will remember the message, get it wrong and the audience will remember the faults. Kinly will always focus on keeping an organisation centre stage.

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