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Audio-visual is a rapidly developing industry, and it’s one we know inside out. Things change fast in AV. Where it might once have been a ‘nice to have’, it’s now central to the function of many offices and commercial buildings. And it will only become more vital as the switch to hybrid ways of working continues. Now, more than ever, it’s important to make the right AV choices for your business.

Our approach

Our approach

For us at Kinly, audio-visual is a great enabler for connection and communication. Effective use of audio-visual services allows you to share any message you like with real impact, and with a wide range of people. That most likely includes all your employees, but AV can help you reach every visitor to your site too.

There’s no question that strong AV can have a huge impact and the industry is an exciting place to be. Still, the speed at which AV solutions develop and launch can make finding the right solution for your needs, your people and your budget difficult. At Kinly, we work closely with technology partners to ensure that everything we provide – LED, AV infrastructure, audio solutions and more – is stable, meets your needs, suits your audience and offers real, tangible benefits for your business.


Value for a lifetime

To make sure your chosen solution lasts, we work closely with technology partners to ensure they maintain their portfolio. That means every product we use will have a good lifetime and can be easily replaced if you run into any issues.

Smooth delivery

At Kinly, everything is documented in detail. For delivery and installation, we’ll create detailed plans so our technicians know where every piece of kit goes, and your people can visualise the final install ahead of time.

Stable solutions

The AV market is an incredibly dynamic one, but here at Kinly we don’t just go with the latest product by default. We’ll always test every product as it’s launched to ensure it works for you from day one.

In-depth knowledge

We’ve been working in the audio-visual space since 1998 and it still sits at the very heart of our business. Kinly is a real specialist in the field and that’s reflected in the high accreditation rate of our people.

Audio Visual Solutions

Audio Visual Solutions

We’re experts in everything audio visual. We’ve been offering consultation, design and installation of AV solutions since 1998 and we’ve learnt plenty along the way. We’ve discovered how impactful AV can draw people into a story, and how the right combination of audio and visual elements can build better connections. Now, we’re eager to share our knowledge with you.

Discover more

Whether you’re looking to improve your existing AV infrastructure or need to start from the very beginning, Kinly can act as the trusted partner, and experience advisor, you need. We have a long history in the business of AV, but we’re always looking to the future. Get in touch to see how we can bring your AV estate bang up to date.

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