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Reliable audiovisual solutions for your collaboration environments

We integrate videoconference technology, audiovisual, telepresence, digital signage, digital whiteboards, video walls, interactive displays, projection displays, presentation systems, sound- and control systems.

Building and integrating collaboration technology requires knowledge, experience, and vision.

We can help you create intelligent, dynamic, and smart visual collaboration environments - integrated to automate and control audio, visual, and environmental settings.

Consistent meeting experiences at the touch of a button

Consistent meeting experiences at the touch of a button

Integrating and controlling every aspect of your audiovisual environment can be complex. With audiovisual installations, we can help you automate your surroundings - from blinds, lighting, acoustics, and room temperature to projection display, video conferencing, and TV distribution.

We are experienced in control system design and implementation. We ensure the equipment is user-friendly and intuitive, designed to manage and deliver a professional presentation.

Kinly Touch is our own GUI solution. It is easy to use, provides consistent user experiences - and supports a range of different meeting rooms. The award-winning interface is based on successful, standardized software and solutions.

Seamlessly present and share content during meetings

Seamlessly present and share content during meetings

A recurring problem in meetings is sharing content: Studies show that 21% of people claim that screen-sharing is one of their biggest technological worries. Successful content-sharing should not be affected by technology, so Kinly offers several options for presenting, ranging from wireless, application, and network or cable solutions.

While Kinly is dedicated to delivering user-friendly AV solutions, we also care about room aesthetics. We integrate cables and always strive to provide a seamless solution for your environment.

Acoustics designed to enhance the meeting experience

Acoustics designed to enhance the meeting experience

Acoustics are a central part of any Kinly solution. When choosing an audio option, properties like the room's surfaces, size, and decor are essential factors.

Parallel and hard surfaces reflect sound, making it difficult to pinpoint the audio in a video conference. We know exactly how to break large reflective surfaces to improve acoustics.

We are experienced in finding the right balance between image- and sound quality, providing you with the right solution for the room's size and purpose.

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