Collaborate effectively, regardless of location or technology

Kinly Cloud

Give your organisation the ability to meet and collaborate effectively regardless of their location or the technology deployed. Kinly Cloud lets your organisation focus on its work instead of continually managing different technologies.

Organizing for speed has become critical in modern organizations

The rapid advance of digital technology is helping organisations to balance individual freedom with effective team collaboration. We bring it all together in our Cloud Collaboration platform, so you can focus on your work instead of the technology.

Technology enabled agility lets organisations build cross functional and multi location teams and missions on the go using every day connected devices. In turn this lets them quickly learn and make informed decisions to deliver effectively.

Kinly Cloud is a suite of highly scalable and customisable services designed to keep your people, customers and service users collaborating regardless of location or technology deployed helping organisations remain agile.

What can Kinly Cloud do for you?

Enable People

Each employee gets their own virtual meeting room (VMR). Users can seamlessly host and join meetings, share content and collaborate, in leading edge quality.


Modern workplaces are filled with videoconferencing and collaboration tools e.g. Cisco, Microsoft, Google Hangouts Meet. Kinly Cloud links seamlessly between these platforms.

Scalable & Flexible

Kinly Cloud supports the changing needs and capacity requirement of modern organisations with no fuss.

Kinly Insights

*Source: Cisco


of the average knowledge workers time is spent in meetings

10 minutes*

is the average time it takes to start a video call

Service Highlights

Personal CloudRoom

Personal CloudRooms allows users to host and meetings, share content and collaborate with multiple participants. All in leading edge quality.

Meeting Access

Video systems such as Cisco, Poly, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts and others can participate in the same meeting in one seamless experience.

Meeting Assistant

The Kinly Meeting Assistant lets you join meetings the way you prefer, connect a video room, from a pc or even from the phone itself.


Our concierge operators will provide personal assistance with call scheduling, call re test, call launch, in-call assistance call extension and call termination.

Video Endpoint

When video endpoints are registered on the Kinly Cloud we make sure they are configured and maintained with the correct settings and connected 24/7.


With Kinly Events organisations can host townhall meetings, or multi-day events, showcase new products and solutions or simply share company messages.

Kinly CVP in UK Courts

HMCTS introduces Kinly Cloud Video Platform (CVP) for video hearings during the coronavirus outbreak

Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Services (HMCTS) has introduced a new video platform to enable all parties in a criminal hearing to take part remotely – allowing all magistrate and crown courts in England and Wales to hold secure hearings.

The Kinly Cloud Video Platform (CVP) is initially being rolled out to several magistrates’ courts and crown courts currently open to the public, with others to follow as soon as possible. It is also being introduced to the Civil and Family courts. CVP connects securely to the existing justice video network which links police stations and prisons to courts, and can be accessed by any internet-enabled device with a camera and a microphone.

Looking for more information?

To see HMCTS weekly operational summary on courts and tribunals during coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, click here.

Personal CloudRoom

Does your workplace have the right technology solutions and services in place to ensure reliable and effective meetings for remote working?

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