Virtual meetings reduce traveling and increases efficiency


The challenge

Mantena have workshops in 15 locations in Norway and Sweden, in addition to the main offices in Oslo and Helsingborg. Naturally, this meant that a lot of time and expense was spent with employees traveling between the different sites - especially for all the engineers in the company. Mantena identified the need for a flexible and user-friendly cloud meeting platform that could provide an alternative to physical meetings by facilitating high-quality virtual meetings.

The solution

With the need for smooth collaboration across all locations, Mantena chose Kinly Cloud. This platform provides users their own personal Cloud Rooms and provides project groups a common Cloud Room, called project rooms. The 350 virtual meeting rooms allow the employees to host efficient virtual meetings in the cloud, which can be joined from any device due to the interoperability features in Kinly Cloud.

“We chose a cloud solution with personal Cloud Rooms because of the need for flexibility and time efficiency. The Mantena employees appreciate having access to the virtual meeting rooms instead of traveling between all our locations. The software is intuitive, easy to use and works very well.”

Christian Stensgård
IT Consultant
Mantena AS

The result

Per Christian Stensgård is an IT consultant at Mantena. With Kinly Cloud in place he has identified a reduction in travel time and costs. They have gained valuable working hours which can now be spent on valuable work, he explains.

The employees can continue their meetings from their pads or mobile phone. This presents a big advantage. It’s great to be able to continue to participate in the meeting, even if you have to get to somewhere else or are traveling. A lot of people appreciate the possibility to connect to a meeting on their way home or from the airport/hotel if you are out travelling” Stensgård says. 

Now the employees have become familiar with the virtual meeting rooms and are used to the software, they mainly prefer cloud meetings.

Kinly Cloud Rooms have been a natural part of a busy work day for a lot of Mantenas employees. They prefer to meet virtually instead of spending a lot of unnecessary time traveling. If they have the possibility of hosting the meeting online, they now prefer that. For us, the greatest advantages are without doubt time saved and increased efficiency” Stensgård concludes.

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