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City of London, UK

The challenge

Our client, a leading financial institution, wanted to optimise its London property footprint by moving to a more inclusive but agile way of working. Working closely with the appointed architects, project manager, building contractor as well as the client, over 110 technical specialists at Kinly helped bring the client’s workplace of the future to life using AVIXA standards.

By combining technology with design, our client now has a solution that is changing the way in which people interact with each other, both in and out of the office.

Our client wanted to optimise its London property portfolio to move to a more inclusive but agile way of working.

By combining technology with design, our client now has a solution that is changing the way in which people interact with each other, both in and out of the office.

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"The technology is so easy to use throughout, that utilisation has increased from 65% to 90%."

Head of Choice and Design 

The solution

Our client was on a very tight schedule and needed prompt options for consideration and choice. The ground floor conference centre and auditorium quickly became the focus for design input on the best way to use one video wall with repeater screens throughout the space.

Kinly helped to redesign and redefine the auditorium by suggesting the main video wall spin 90 degrees, providing space for an additional 2 video walls and negating the need for any repeater screens. This option offered a much more inclusive experience for all participants whilst still considering best practise guidelines.

The ground floor area now consists of a divisible 300-person auditorium and milling area used for internal and external client events. The auditorium has three 4.6m x 2.6m Absen LED screens, which perfectly match the viewing distance for even the furthest viewer. The space has the capability of being divided into three individual spaces of up to 100 people, two individual spaces seating up to 200 in one space and 100 people in the other and one 300-seat space.

Careful consideration of the sound, lighting system and cameras in the event space was needed, to maintain the aesthetics of the ceiling scape and avoidance of noise pollution to other business critical nearby workspaces.

The 15 ground floor meeting rooms, designed for technology to be as discreet as possible are used for client meetings and fine dining experiences. Particular attention was paid to avoid meeting table peripherals such as microphones or laptop connectors and cables in the client meeting rooms. There are no equipment racks installed, with all equipment installed behind the display, in the ceiling, or below the meeting table.

The third floor was designed to be a highly collaborative and agile environment supporting a wide range of activities across the floor, whilst accommodating for quiet areas. The ‘Living Rooms’ consist of a co-working hub, 15 meeting rooms, two ad-hoc use bleacher theatres, a café and a terrace. The space is a WiFi only environment with no assigned workstations, giving employees the flexibility to choose where they want to work. The technology is driven by a bespoke Zoom solution where staff can easily present, collaborate, and communicate at a click of a button.

Integration with Zoom was something that needed very careful thought as it was the first hybrid deployment that Zoom had delivered in the UK. With security being a major focal point, Kinly had to think of how to create solutions that could cater for customers as well as employees, whilst also thinking about the different devices they would bring with them.

The fourth and seventh floors feature various sized meeting rooms ranging from four to 30 seats were designed for the client’s leadership suite. The technology delivers the highest quality performance to ensure the experience is as seamless as possible.

The result

By combining technology with design, this financial institution now has a building that offers its employees, clients and other stakeholders a completely flexible and collaborative way of working. Every floor in the building has been carefully designed using AVIXA standards, providing everyone with an exceptional user experience. The technology is so easy to use throughout that utilisation has increased from 65 per cent to 90 per cent.

By transforming the initial design of the auditorium Kinly completely changed the way in which the auditorium could operate. The space has become so popular that is it almost impossible to get a slot. In addition, the client is also seeing ROI from being able to bring events in-house.

Our client now has a solution that is changing the way in which people interact with each other, both in and out of the office. Not only is the solution suitable for today but it is also suitable for many years to come.

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