Reimagining the workplace for a sustainable future


The challenge

When choosing partners to help transform its office space, sustainability was top of the agenda for technical service provider, Bravida. The company’s long-term goal is to achieve carbon neutrality throughout its entire value chain by 2045, whilst helping its clients to do the same.


As a result, when Bravida came to Kinly, it had a list of considerations it needed to prioritise when it came to its office renewal. Every decision around room design, equipment and workspace layout needed to positively influence the way people live and work. Digital and hybrid spaces played a crucial role in helping Bravida to realise their goals.

Bravida also needed to closely follow the requirements set by The United Nations (UN) Global Compact and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) guidelines.

A major challenge posed by this project was that all offices spaces required the installation of quality AV equipment with extended product lifespans and clear indications of end-of-life status to ensure they could be repurposed and recycled once obsolete.

“Previously, we would rather go to our clients for meetings. Now, we are proud to have our clients come to us. Kinly has transformed our workspaces into collaborative, efficient hubs that work seamlessly and allow for positive interactions between all of our teams.”

Karin Wasskog
Quality and Environment Manager

The solution

To provide Bravida with a refreshed and upgraded working environment which met with its ambitious sustainability goals, we agreed on a standard for a shared platform and user-friendly interface as the initial priority.

We then leveraged our relationships with leading technology vendors to install brand new, best-in-class AV and collaboration solutions that are easy to use throughout the office. These were standardised across the entire space, removing the complication of different technologies in different rooms.

In addition, we introduced Bravida to Cisco Circular Economy and Lifecycle Pay, specifically selected to help the business achieve its environmental goals. Lifecycle Pay is designed to collect all outdated equipment, creating a commercial model that makes it profitable for customers to be sustainable as well as productive.

“We look at our new meeting rooms and solutions as part of creating and strengthening our brand. Our business is all about great technology and sustainable solutions. With Cisco Lifecycle Pay, we’re proud to be a part of the solution, while also having technology that we can rely on. It just works, and it works well. Without Kinly, we wouldn’t have this relationship.”

Espen Vangstein
Head of IT Implementation and Onboarding

The result

We facilitated the successful design, supply and installation of Cisco Lifecycle Pay, providing Bravida with a flexible way of leasing products and meeting its ESG ambitions. Our extensive knowledge of the vendor market and which companies had the best track record in terms of sustainability led to Bravida being able to forge a long-term partnership with Cisco, setting it well on the path to achieving its sustainability targets.

By implementing Cisco’s state-of-the-art camera technology into the new office design, we ensured that Bravida’s staff could secure the benefits of a modernised, collaborative and hybrid workspace. Employees can now enjoy a smooth and intuitive conferencing experience, with hardware that can be reused and recycled with ease.

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