Continuous adoption services

Think beyond installation

Think beyond installation

We all get excited about new technology, but most of us are creatures of habit. Ensuring your people get the most out of the collaboration tools at their disposal, and change across your business lasts, requires time and expert attention.

Our approach

Our approach

Effective technology relies on your people. More precisely, it relies on your people adopting it and advocating for the value of your new collaboration tools among their peers. That’s why true adoption takes time and is so rarely achieved in one round of training. At Kinly, we always aim to make lasting change, so our continuous adoption services offer a clear route to that outcome.

Focused on ensuring your collaboration tools are used as intended, our continuous adoption services essentially guard progress to deliver a strong return on investment. We’ll monitor usage and keep engaging with your teams, determining if more training, a change in communication or any other strategies from our endless toolbox are required to achieve the desired outcome. Then, we can put them into action and see results in no time.

Flexible service

Continuous adoption is a flexible process at Kinly so you can always come to us with questions. Whether you want someone in every week, every quarter or on an ad hoc basis, we’ll work to the schedule that best suits your people.

Unburden your teams

Remove the costly process of upskilling or even expanding your in-house IT or facilities teams when you hand over responsibility for ongoing adoption to Kinly teams. That way, you’ll receive guaranteed, expert support.

Return on investment

Securing adoption is the key to achieving a real return from your new AV technology. To make your investment work for you, we’ll actively consider your goals and introduce measures to see them fulfilled throughout the continuous adoption process.

Unlock new capabilities

We’ll build strong relationships with your teams, enabling us to identify opportunities to make good use of new technical features. Kinly experts will show individual teams how to grow their skillsets as needed, making collaboration easier than ever.

Discover more

Here at Kinly, we want to take the worry out of the adoption process. That’s why we’ve designed our continuous adoption services in a way that means you can hand over responsibility and see both return on your investment and a digital estate with real, practical value for your people. If that sounds like something you need, get in touch today.