Reception and Social Areas

The reception is your organization’s first impression, and Social Areas make excellent hubs for networking, socialization, and impromptu meetings.

Innovative AV solutions can inform, inspire, and impress—creating an attractive work environment.

Kinly delivers everything from individual products to total room solutions.


The reception is the first impression a business makes on a visitor—and first impressions are essential!

AV is the perfect way to turn a passive space into a highly interactive, dynamic place that will engage your customers, employees, and partners from the moment they enter your door.

Show your visitors the way with intuitive wayfinding systems; set the mood with building-wide audio—or blow your clients away with high-impact video walls.

Kinly delivers.


Social Areas

Social Areas are canteens, cafés, activity rooms, lounges, and more.

These spaces already facilitate well-being, but innovative AV solutions can transform them into something more. Not only can it create a positive atmosphere for your employees, but it can also impress, inspire, and attract potential clients in a more relaxed setting.

In other words, social areas can become essential parts of your business operation.

Kinly can help you with that.

Social Areas

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