To ensure one experience for all members of the audience, an auditorium needs quality AV technology tailored to suit the room’s size and shape.

Kinly offers everything from single products to complete solutions.

One Experience

The auditorium is a large, complex room.

It is the centre stage for informing and impressing your audience, be it internal or external events. However, grand rooms with large audiences also mean significant challenges to audio, image, and presentation process.

That is why choosing the right technology is important—and why installing it correctly is essential.

Kinly does both.

One Experience

Featured Solutions


LED and LED-walls provide stunning visuals, even in bright rooms.

Sound & Acoustics

Large rooms have more advanced acoustics.

Video Conferencing

Present and participate physically and remotely.

3D drawings

We help you visualize the room before it is installed.

Room Standards

We also deliver pre-tested, quality solution standards.

Secure Installation

Our technicians are certified and experienced professionals.

Selected Services

LED & LED walls

Seamless image quality and holistic impressions.

Audio visual Solutions

Reliable AV solutions for presentation and collaboration.

Customer Success

ROI-as-a-service. Training, support, and guidance.

Other Rooms

Reception & Social Areas

The reception area of your organization is often the first place a visitor sees.

Board Rooms

Effective, stylish and multifunctional boardroom solutions.

Training Rooms

Made for groups and individuals to engage, inform, and work better together.

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