Transforming a workplace is a complex task. That’s where we come in.


We help your employees do more than just connect over video – we help them work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Kinly combines the physical and virtual meeting space together in one place with a range of services to suit you and your employees.

We make collaborating as seamless as possible regardless of where people are. They may be further apart physically, but Kinly’s expertise brings them closer together virtually to ensure they are still one unit

A trusted advisor

A trusted advisor

The workplace has transformed more in the last year than it had done for many years prior, and that can be a daunting thing for many people – employees and organisations. We are experts in helping businesses make it easier to work better together. Everywhere.

As a leading global integrator of AV, VC and digital media solutions, our trusted advisors are here to guide you through the process and build a custom step-by-step transformation plan.

A proven framework

A proven framework

Everything we do centres around the methodology of People, Process, Technology. We put what your people need first, establish how that fits in with your organisation’s processes, before together selecting the best technology to help achieve your business goals.

Deciding the right technology fit can only be determined having evaluated user behaviour and by putting people at the center of solution design. User experience, usability and reliability are forefront in our decision making – and a natural workflow produces effective work processes.

Productivity is key

Productivity is key

Productivity is top of the agenda for most companies, but they have a part to play in ensuring their people have the right tools to be productive. Life has changed, and we are facing a new era of business with fewer people travelling. Kinly can help make that transition easier for everyone with a bespoke service which doesn’t finish when the technology has been installed.

With regular training and reviews of how the system is being used, we ensure you are getting the best service for the best value. Put simply, we will transform your workplace, taking the physical experience into the digital space so people can work from wherever they need to.

Collaboration reference model

We use a reference model as a guide to help you overcome the challenges to effective visual communications and collaboration across boundaries and time zones. We evaluate the technology layers – the network, infrastructure, hardware and software integration. We also take into account the people layers, the user interfaces and user environments.

To deliver success we must get full engagement and support from the multiple teams responsible for the layers on the approach and the strategy. When we consider each function, we achieve the desired outcome, to collaborate naturally ‘as if in the same room’.

Audio Visual Integrations

Professional collaboration solutions for the modern workplace.

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