Do you have an increasingly flexible and hybrid workforce? Our approach makes it easy to define and share global technology standards and resources across your organisation, factoring in the unique needs of each space.

We help you deploy advanced systems at scale to optimise decision-making, innovation and collaboration right away.

How we work

How we work

The biggest hurdle to technology being a success is the way people use it. We help you get it right, wherever you are in the world.

We analyse how your people are using the technology and provide assistance on what can be done differently – not only to help make their lives easier, but to improve efficiency across your organisation, helping you meet your KPIs.

Optimize your workflow

Optimize your workflow

Kinly is an expert in bringing together the right technology for any type of meeting room, regardless of whether it is large auditoriums, meeting rooms or an online setting.

Our consultants conduct a deep dive into how you work, and the result is a system that fits in to help your organisation thrive, even with a dispersed workforce. Our consultancy services provide you with the comfort required to know that you are using equipment the way it should be used.

Working together. Everywhere

A seamless roll out of technology means your people are using the same solutions. And it doesn’t matter what sort of information they are working with, we keep it secure whether it is in the cloud or on servers in your building.

Many people see the introduction of technology as a challenge, but with our years of experience around the globe, we offer the skills and support needed to make change an easy one. That support is something that will always be there throughout the duration of our relationship as we become an extended part of your team, providing the agility needed in the ever-changing world to ensure your people can work with full capability all over the globe.

Room as a Service

Simplify the process of delivering your teams a cutting edge collaboration workspace. Our complete Room-as-a-Service bundles software, hardware, user adoption, managed support services and even finance into a predictable subscription package.

Do you have an increasingly flexible and hybrid workforce?

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