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Virtual Courts

With our Virtual Courts solutions, courts and other judicial organizations can implement secure technology that mimics and automates real life hearings.

A secure and reliable solution to facilitate hybrid court hearings

Organizations in the judicial system are using videoconferencing with increasing frequency. Pressures on the system include high operating costs, backlogs of cases, personnel shortages, public accessibly and general bottlenecks in efficiency.

Together, they push adoption of both hybrid audio-visual and virtual video solutions.

Virtualize your court hearings

The Kinly Virtual Courts solution virtualizes the process of a court hearing by mimicking the workflow of a hearing. Due process and adherence to all legal proceedings are key and we understand that privacy and security must be unquestionable. We offer an adaptable set of building blocks to deliver just that.

Virtual court rooms

Multiple user roles

Multiple room types

Workflow automation

As-a-service delivery

Key Benefits

Increased efficiency

•Workflow automations
•Participants can focus on what matters
•Improves logistics & case disposition times
•Separate roles & waiting rooms ensure due process.

Ease of use

•Expertise in building cloud &
courtroom solutions
•Browser based
•Field-tested with customers
•WCAG 2.1 compliant


•Fully secured cloud solution
•Hosted on reliable & scalable
Kinly Cloud platform
•SOC2 | ISO27001 | Schram II compliant
•Data sovereignty - Data stays in region


•Hiding of participant rosters
•Changing of display naming
•Screen-share permissions
•Obscuring PSTN phone numbers
•Private call permissions


•Configure to match type & needs of
a court hearing
•Multiple room types, user types,
rules & configurations
•We excel at understanding & finding solutions for judicial workflows


•Kinly is the leading AV and UC integrator
•We can:
- Integrate with audio-visual hardware
- Solve interoperability
- Provide monitoring, reporting & analytics
- Provide customer success training

Kinly Virtual Courts Brochure

Kinly is well-positioned to help the judicial world digitize their workflows, such as court hearings, in an efficient and secure way. Download our brochure to find out more about Kinly Virtual Courts.

Kinly Insights


of all private participants in virtual hearings rate them as a positive experience

(Source: Allen & Overy)


of all private participants believe procedural hearings should use virtual courts for the long term

(Source: Allen & Overy)

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