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A shared goal

When the dust has settled, when the tools have been put away, when the gentle hum of an audio-visual solution has been switched on and passed all its technical tests, then what happens? Often the time between installation and full utilisation can be overlooked, but not with Kinly. To move any solution into its fully operational life there has to be a comprehensive programme to empower the organisation and its key team members on how to fully utilise these exciting and innovative technologies.

Our approach

Our approach

Getting any audio-visual solution technically implemented, regardless if that is a desk-based product, a video wall, a boardroom or an auditorium is only part of the journey. Getting these technologies fully embraced by the end users is key if the true business and productivity benefits are to be realised.

With all its solutions Kinly provides all the necessary training and adoption services to empower the end-user. Adoption services, passing over the ownership and day to day technical operation to in house technical staff follows a structured and proven framework enabling these new assets to become part of the existing infrastructure and estate. Whereas training services provide the necessary skill set to empower end-users of meeting and collaboration spaces.

These services range from full multi-day tutor-led programmes, to something relatively simple as ‘How to’ guides that are permanently placed in meeting rooms. Regardless of the size, or the scale of the solution - and the end-users - Kinly provides a focused and tailored programme of knowledge transfer.

Technical to functional

Adoption and training services are key deliverables to ensure a successful transition of a solution from a technical capability to one of highly functional day to day use.

Empowerment to all

Regardless of the role and responsibility within an organisation, Kinly empowers all users of the implemented audio-visual technology to get the very best from their investment

All inclusive

Regardless of the size of the installation, or the number of end-users, the adopting and training services from Kinly scale accordingly.

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Transitioning an audio-visual implementation from a project into operational and daily service is a process that cannot be overlooked. Users need to be empowered and enthused to utilise this new technology to help them meet their objectives and those of their organisation. It may be one of the last legs in the journey, but it could be argued that it’s one of the most important.

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