Where people work now will differ from day to day, from task to task and, on many occasions, will be with differing teams. This dynamic approach requires different workplaces all designed with the needs of the team member at its core. If a workplace doesn’t work, productivity will drop and targets may be missed. Kinly understands the variety of spaces and how to maximise their benefit.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Workspaces are no longer restricted to just desks and meeting rooms but have grown upwards and downwards in scale. The core will still be the personal workspace, a defined place in an office, on the road or in many cases now, at home. But this has been augmented with the introduction of huddle spaces.

The huddle space is a small space, equipped with collaboration technology, for one-to-one meetings, or small team gatherings. They are informal, highly productive, relatively open and can be deployed at scale. If a more formal, or private meeting is required then the traditional small meeting room still plays a vital role. Equipped with the capability for remote team members to ‘dial in’, they become some of the most used facilities within an organisation.

Beyond that, there are the more specialised rooms, such as board rooms, auditoriums and training rooms where more formal or larger gatherings need to take place. These rooms need to be effective, stylish and often multifunctional. We can help you design workspaces which just work.

Know your audience

Understanding the differing workspaces and how they will be used is key to planning a successful estate.


With differing workspaces, available team members will become more flexible in their interaction and collaboration.


Defining differing workspaces will help with scalability as team members begin to work and collaborate in new ways.

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Work has changed

Work has changed to become more activity focused, as opposed to location focused. Therefore, workspaces need to reflect this and we can help build them into true user-friendly and collaborative environments. Start your journey towards true collaboration today.

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