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Now you see it

Now you see it

Displays and projectors have become an important part of the modern office. From desktop screens to larger walls in auditoriums or common areas, Kinly will help find suitable options for your environment. All our recommendations are based on in-depth technical considerations and conditions such as light, placement and screen purpose, as well as technical qualities and reliability.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Recommending the right technology to suit your needs is at the heart of everything we do. As a trusted advisor, an assessment of functional needs is a prerequisite to any solution is we recommend. Kinly will help with determining the right technical fit - from projectors to large screens - for the selected environment. Built into this process is checks on suitability for service lifetime, reliability, predicted maintenance and more.

Within any large estate, the environments where displays or projectors are placed will vary. Meeting rooms and auditoriums, conference rooms, board rooms and the plethora of locations where digital signage needs to be placed all vary. Taking all these differing spaces into consideration, Kinly will look to standardise as far as possible to create the best result, with a cost-benefit perspective in mind.

But the main purpose of any display technology is to provide a good experience. It must provide high-quality visibility and clear readability, so we’ll always make that our first focus.

The right tool for the right job

Selecting projection over displays, or displays over projection, is not a simple task. Kinly advises on which technology will be most suitable to the chosen environment.

Reliability is key

Kinly performs in-house tests and checks on reliability for your selected display or projector solution.

The writing is on the wall

Making sure that the experience for both displays and projectors is clear, bright and readable is key to all Kinly recommended solutions.

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Keeping on message

We make making the right choice easier. Our deep understanding of the technology and the environments in which this technology will operate ensures your message is always clear. Find out how by following the link below.

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