Digital Signage

The Writing’s on the Wall.

Getting a clear, consistent and timely message across is the fundamental and most critical operational need of any digital signage solution. As users become bombarded with messaging from a plethora of sources, a digital signage solution has to stand out. At Kinly, we know how to achieve this.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to the design, implementation and operational needs of a digital signage solution. The correct selection of technology, based on our extensive market appraisal and strong vendor relations, is key. However, this is not enough.

Our Digital Signage team will not only work with your technology teams within your organisation, but also with your marketing and communications specialists. Helping them adopt and utilise the solution as an integral element of their multi-channel communications strategy.

With our experience of digital signage deployments in a wide variety of environments, from retail and leisure to transportation hubs and corporate headquarters, we can ensure that the placement of technology, its connectivity and its displayed content are visible, reliable and robust.

Content is King

Kinly helps bridge the gap between the technology and the content provider to ensure that a digital signage solution is a reliable source of relevant information for the desired audience.

Maximum Uptime

Through strong vendor relationships, we provide the necessary technology that is robust and stands up to the demands of the modern-day working environment.


A Kinly digital signage solution has scalability built-in. Through the integration of cloud content delivery solutions, a digital signage estate can easily scale from just a few screens into the thousands. All provisioned for the delivery of highly targeted and localised content.

Getting The Message Out There

Our expertise in digital signage goes way beyond screens and content delivery solutions, we blend our knowledge of technology with the true content strategy of an organisation. We help provide future-looking ever-increasing immersive environments to ensure a message lands effectively with the audience. It's time to get your message out there.

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