Control & Surveillance

Staying in Command

Staying in Command

In these uncertain times, organisations within both the private sector and the public sector can often face mission-critical and potentially disruptive situations. These situations need to be handled swiftly, effectively and with the minimum of disruption. Regardless if it is a crisis facing a Government department or a private sector challenge that has the potential to negatively affect millions of customers, the resolution of these challenges will require a collaboration tool of both the highest reliability and the strongest security. Kinly has the skill set to provide such a solution for such a challenging situation.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Kinly understands that in a crisis a control room / crisis management room / operation centre will need to be mobilised swiftly. It will need to contain the right technology for collaboration between departments and possibly external experts and also be utilised for clear and comprehensive briefings to customers, shareholders or the general public.

Such a space requires special attention to maximise reliability and consistent quality. In a crisis, where the key message is going to be that it is under control, confidence can be swiftly lost if the technology fails. This space also needs to ensure that it has dedicated bandwidth for genuine real-time collaboration any latency needs to be reduced to an inconceivable level. If a crisis management team is going to field questions in real-time from a concerned audience, then there is no room for technical or performance shortfalls.

Underpinning this most critical of space needs to be security. Any content that is discussed ‘behind closed doors’, or visuals that are shared needs to remain within tight controls and a very limited distribution group.

Kinly understands all of these requirements and has can deliver everything from individual products with the highest reliability through to total room solutions built on robust methodologies for reliability.

Crisis management

In times of crisis having a dedicated control room solution will ensure that the technology provides a reliable, robust and secure solution that aids the resolution

Complete control

A solution from Kinly will provide the crisis management team with the necessary confidence to collaborate and communicate clearly and effectively

Under lock and key

Security is fundamental to crisis management, if comments, conversations, documents or incomplete resolutions are not correctly managed through tight access control, then they could fall into the wrong hands, be misunderstood and further deepen the crisis.

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Cool heads collaborate effectively

In times of crisis a control room needs to be at the centre of discussions and debates to swiftly form a resolution. Cool heads are needed and they only remain cool if the meeting and collaboration technology operate at a level where it becomes almost invisible. A crisis can deepen if it is not managed effectively and nobody wants that to happen.

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