Audio Visual Integration

Sounds and pictures

Some things in life are inextricably linked - sounds and pictures are one such pair. Correctly combined, they have a transfixing effect on a user, drawing them into a story, a message or an environment. However, if not blended correctly, this pairing breaks down to create an uncomfortable or jarring experience. Kinly can help you get it right.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We integrate and control every aspect of our customers’ audio-visual environment. We can help automate surroundings, from blinds, lighting, acoustics and room temperature to projection display, video conferencing and TV distribution. Whichever size or style of environment, Kinly has the expertise to design a solution that will support your chosen work style.

These solutions are always designed to be in balance, where audio never overpowers visuals and visuals never overpower audio. To get this balance, many considerations - from room size and layout to possible audio echo or visual reflection - are taken into account.

Elements of this design process have been automated to a degree with the Kinly Solution Configurator, perfect for distributed organisations looking to standardise room solutions and secure solution quality and consistency in every workspace. Here you can generate quotes for rooms in a few clicks to ensure that budgets are met and not exceeded.


All things considered

No detail is overlooked to ensure that an audio-visual experience is seamlessly integrated and blended effectively.

Under control

Automation of lights, blinds and other room elements are all taken into consideration and built into the solution, keeping the focus on the message.

Clear design process

Our Solution Configurator can help with standardising elements of the design process and gives clear indications of budget.

Kinly Rooms

Kinly Rooms

Kinly Room is a meeting room with a difference. A one-stop solution to grow hybrid productivity and engagement, where all of the design, product selection, installation and support is packaged into a single solution and purchased in an ‘as-a-service’ financial model.

Keeping it all together

The complexities of audio-visual integration can be extensive and nuanced and, if not managed correctly, can lead to a lacklustre experience. Kinly leaves nothing to chance and pays attention to every possible detail, creating the most engaging and enjoyable environments. Got a question about how to effectively blend audio and visual elements? Chat to our team today.

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