Physical Workplace

To obtain the most benefit from a meeting space, it has to be an immersive experience. A place where people wish to spend time, a place where work can be achieved, and decisions made. We understand that the technology of a meeting space is only a part of the overall experience.

Our team works with customers, interior architects, or facilities teams to ensure that any meeting space is an on-brand, aesthetically pleasing, engaging and highly productive space.

Enable free-flowing and precise communication at the office with intelligent, dynamic, and reliable visual collaboration solutions.

Solution Configurator

From personal workspaces to a standardized room package for a global enterprise, the configurator allows you to set a budget and go from there.


Adapt and connect your physical workspaces to the modern world of hybrid collaboration.

Personal Workspace
Reception & Social Areas

Future-looking ever-increasing immersive environments to ensure a message lands effectively with the audience.

Control & Surveillance

Information flow and overview are paramount to making the right decisions under pressure, our solutions are robust and secure for mission-critical environments.

Quality communication is a crucial part of organizational success. Cut through the noise and make sure your message reaches its audience.

High-quality visual experiences and a platform on which to showcase the most creative and compelling content.

Display & Projector

High-quality visibility and clear readability to provide a good user experience.

Kinly Touch Control

Easy-to-use controls providing an easy route to technical support, making interacting with smart meeting rooms that bit simpler, and more appealing for most.

Our portfolio of value-added services have been designed by us to ensure that your meeting room estate is deployed, adopted and supported to the highest level through its operational life.

Our portfolio of digital services encompasses the full range of capabilities that an extensive meeting room estate requires. They can be utilised individually or collectively to achieve the levels of interoperability, resilience and performance needed to fulfil the most demanding of user experiences.

Bringing people and technology together for better productivity wherever the work happens – because great things happen when people work together.


Dedicated expertise in planning, supplying, integrating and managing market-leading visual collaboration services.


Globally recognised businesses relying on us for secure and flexible meeting and collaboration services.


A leading partner with the world’s top vendors to deliver the best choice of solutions for public and private sector businesses.


An end-to-end provider of workspace transformation services with worldwide presence.


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