Pexip by Kinly Interoperability for Microsoft

Modern workspaces are filled with video-capable meeting and digital collaboration platforms. Pexip by Kinly bridges the gaps between these platforms. Engage with your fellow meeting participants, and easily work in real-time on the same content.

Pexip by Kinly interoperability benefits

Connect professional video conferencing endpoints to Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business.

Enabling video meeting solutions to work seamlessly with each other is fundamental to hosting productive virtual meetings. Meeting participants waste valuable time trying to join meetings from systems that simply will not work together.

Pexip Cloud Video Interoperability (CVI) enables professional SIP and H.323 video conferencing systems to join Microsoft Teams as if they were native Microsoft clients.

Because Pexip is a Microsoft-certified CVI partner you can rest assured it works as advertised.

Why deploy Pexip by Kinly Interoperability?

Designed for interoperability

Organisations frequently deploy video meeting room solutions from more than one vendor. Pexip by Kinly enables all of these to join Microsoft Teams meetings.

Protect investments

Pexip by Kinly integrates seamlessly with existing videoconferencing technologies so any investments you have already made in this area are protected.

Certified by Microsoft

Pexip is certified by Microsoft to provide interoperability solutions for both its Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business platforms.

Bridging technology gaps

Mitigate the risks of a technological deficit. Ensure that your people, partners and customers can communicate and collaborate effectively.

Kinly Insights

*Source: Microsoft

20 million* daily active users of Microsoft Teams

91%* of Fortune 100 companies use Teams

Service Highlights

Native Integration

Integrates fully with Teams & SfB workflows, including a dialing address for video endpoints within in the invite


When joining a Teams meeting from a third-party endpoint, everyone benefits from the full Teams experience with HD video, audio, and content sharing.

Full Experience

Provides the full HD audio and video experience, as well as full content sharing between all participants.

Flexible deployments

No other Cloud Video Interop solution is available in more locations, you're just a couple of clicks away from your ideal deployment.

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