Video Collaboration Solutions and Services

Working from Home

In the current COVID-19 climate of travel restrictions and working from home policies, there is clearly an increased need to utilize video-based collaboration tools. Keeping your teams connected and productive whilst working at home requires more than just a PC.

Our 'video-first' approach

During these unprecedented times video conferencing technology has enabled people to remain connected working from anywhere, and importantly on any device. But we also recognise that this technology can still be confusing for a lot of people. To work efficiently we need predictable, secure and dependable ways to meet and work together, we need our physical and virtual workspaces to be in tune, together as one.

What can we help you with?

Stay safe, stay home with Virtual Meeting Rooms

With Virtual Meeting Rooms, employees can plan and manage their own meetings, share content and collaborate with multiple participants (colleagues, but also partners and suppliers), from home but also on the road if necessary.

Personal Video Endpoint Subscription

If you have a dedicated video conferencing endpoint at home, after registering your personal endpoint on the Kinly Cloud, connecting with colleagues, partners, suppliers and clients will become easier and more cost effective.

Take your physical events online

Kinly Events is a complete event service for large video meetings, events and broadcasts. This service can be fully customized to replace a physical event with a virtual solution, and is fully managed with recording and streaming services for large-scale audiences.

Other services

Remote training

If your staff need any assistance in best practice, training or adoption of UC technologies, Kinly can supply a range of training and adoption services for key vendors such as Cisco Webex, Zoom, Pexip, Microsoft Teams/S4B. Our dedicated training and adoption team can run remote all-hands type training or user focussed one to one video sessions on best practice.

Management of company critical meeting rooms

Remotely manage the availability of key meeting rooms using the Kinly Smart Monitoring platform without the presence of a support team on site. Kinly offer global room packages to support your current business needs.

Kinly Managed Meetings

With this service we unburden you completely. Kinly ensures that important video meetings are booked, set up and fully managed to support your employees and teams so they can work together from home, remotely or from the office. And during the meeting we have a team of engineers ready to offer any support.

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