Virtual Meeting Rooms

With the abundance of cloud-based video conferencing solutions, personal virtual meeting rooms stand out for several reasons. Virtual meeting rooms have a lot of benefits, including high level cloud security and interoperability (being able to access and connect a myriad of different devices and platforms together). In addition, generally maintaining high levels of video and audio quality provides a seamless experience.

Does your workplace have the right technology solutions and services in place to ensure reliable and effective meetings for remote working?

What is a VMR?

What is a VMR?

The term virtual meeting room (VMR) is used to describe a collaboration space hosted on a cloud service. In a virtual meeting room, multiple participants can join from a range of devices and platforms, layouts can be managed to optimize the meeting, the room can be locked to secure privacy or open for inclusiveness. Your personal VMR is administered by you, always accessible and ready for use.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Instead of booking a physical meeting location, your VMR has a virtual address in the form of a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), formatted just like an email address. This address is unique. A VMR is personal, just like your email address. So, if your email address is, your personal VMR could be You can do meetings one to one or with larger groups, record and stream depending on the functionality you want.

Virtual Room Solutions

At Kinly, we lead with three market leading VMR solutions, of which our teams have positive experience and where qualities such as security, reliability and scalability are on point.

Kinly Event Service

Virtual Online events are transforming the way companies interact with audiences by taking traditional conferences and hosting them online. Connect, interact, and communicate easily with Kinly Event Services.

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